Final Fantasy IX for iOS Now Available with 20% Off Launch Sale


Final Fantasy IX for iOS has been launched by Square Enix in the App Store, now available for 20% off (until Feb. 21) as part of its debut, available for $23.99 CAD. The game was originally released back in 2000 for the Sony PlayStation, and remains one of the most popular from the Final Fantasy series.

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The game requires iOS 7 or newer and is recommended to be played on an iPhone 5s, iPad 4, iPad mini 2, iPod touch six generation or newer.

Square Enix announced earlier this month Final Fantasy IX was coming to iOS, Android and PC and now it’s available.

Click here to download Final Fantasy IX for iOS in the App Store while it’s on sale.

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  • Yes, yes, YES!
    Thanks for posting

  • wooobwooob

    Next please be Final Fantasy X!!! FFIX is absolutely the best follows by 6

  • Jonathan

    I hope they release FF8. I loved that one too.

  • Game looks amazing

  • It really is. I’ve played it on the PlayStation back in the day and on emulators. Sadly this is the turning point of the series where Final Fantasy starts getting childish, where everything before this was series military style stories where people actually and beloved characters are taken away.

  • Hmmm.. I also just noticed according to the App Store, the sale starts tomorrow Feb 10, today is the 9th so I’m wondering if I wait the extra day if the price will drop lower than 23.99.

  • Jaden

    I’m asking myself the same question. But for now the game is not in sale above 23.99. It’s sad because in the USA iTunes Store the game is only 16.99$. I will wait until Feb 21 to see if the price drop under the 23.99$ if not I will get it at this price.

  • I should have said the sale dates were most likely reflecting Japan local time, hence the date was set a day ahead.