Find my Friends Gets iOS 10 and Apple Watch Support [u]


Apple has updated Find my Friends for iOS to now support Apple Watch, for those using iOS 10. Version 6.0 of the app also includes “stability improvements and bug fixes.”

Apple Watch users will be able to see where friends are directly from the watchOS app, which details contact names, thumbnails, proximity and where they’re located.

Screenshot 2016 08 11 12 38 22

Tapping a contact brings up the option to call them from Apple Watch or send an iMessage:

Screenshot 2016 08 11 12 38 31

iOS 10 is set to launch this fall, and many expect it to launch alongside new ‘iPhone 7’ models, possibly at an event rumoured for September 7th.

Update: looks like this update was released in June for iOS 10 and Apple Watch, but the app received an update today.

Click here to download Find my Friends for iOS in the App Store. Currently, Find my Friends is not showing up in the App Store on my iPhone, but it does in iTunes.


  • jabohn

    No update for me on my iPhone 6 running iOS 10.

  • It’s “built in” to iOS 10 already — the App Store version is really just there so that users who delete the app (since iOS 10 lets you delete almost all of the built-in apps now) can reinstall it. You’ll find that the App Store has apps like Mail, Weather, Stocks, and so forth now too for that same reason. I guess Apple was just a bit slower to update the App Store version of Find My Friends (as the update to the article notes).

  • Rich

    how do i add my watch to Find my friends app?

  • You can’t add your Watch as a source for Find My Friends info, as it doesn’t have an independent GPS or Internet connection. To use the Find My Friends app on the Apple Watch itself, you’ll need watchOS 3, which hasn’t been released yet, even as a public beta.

  • Rich

    I don’t see the app on my Watch and I cannot add it???

  • Are you a developer running the watchOS 3 beta? Find My Friends is only available in watchOS 3 which won’t be released until the fall.

  • Rich

    Thank you Jesse, I am not a developer. I will wait until the Fall.