Free Canadian Calling and Texting App Fongo Launches Apple Watch App


Fongo (formerly Dell Voice) has updated their iOS app today to bring support for the Apple Watch. You can now see your call history, access voicemail, reply to messages and be notified of incoming calls right on your wrist.

What’s New in Version 3.7.5
Thank you everyone for the feedback and comments, it helps us make Fongo better.

What’s new in 3.7.5:
– Apple Watch: View your call history, text messages and voicemails on your wrist.
– Export a messaging conversation to your Dropbox account.
– Bug fixes

Screenshot 2015 07 13 09 49 00

Screenshot 2015 07 13 09 49 16

Back in 2012, Fongo called itself the “fastest growing mobile company” in Canada, announcing at the time it was on pace to surpass 1 million subscribers. The company also made a public bid for WIND Mobile in 2013, which generated headlines. Fongo’s revenue model is ad-supported along with in-app purchases for various extras, such as International calling.

Click here to download Fongo for iOS in the App Store. Anyone still using Fongo?


  • bartek

    I use Fongo as my main phone. I have the Fido Data only plan on my iphone, and use Fongo for calling and texting. Works great!. now my monthly bill is $35 a month and I get 5gb a month.

  • jabohn

    I check occasionally to see if they have numbers outside of the lower mainland in BC. They never do so it’s useless to those who don’t live there.

  • Tim

    Me too. Also the best setup for international travel. As long as you have wifi or cellular data it’s like you never left, get all your calls to your main Canadian number. Straightalk wireless in the U.S. has tablet plans that work. I think it was $20 for 2gb. I’ll never go back.

  • Kael

    I would like to hear more of Data only iPhone users, as I am am interested in whats the benefits and disadvantages are.

  • bartek

    Its cheaper, and you don’t have to pay for all the features if you use fongo (calling minutes, Voicemail, call display etc).

    If you travel, just pop in a sim card from another provider that has data, and you will still receive texts and calls from your main number

    there are more, but those are the top ones.