Gboard for iOS Gets One-Handed Keyboard, Just Like iOS 11


iOS 11 introduced a new one-handed keyboard mode, which lets users type easier when they are holding their device with a single hand. Users can toggle the keyboard to indent left or right, depending on their hand preference.

How to toggle on the one-handed keyboard in iOS 11? Just tap and hold on the ‘globe’ icon, then tap the left or right keyboard indentation, and the keyboard should condense to the side you choose:

IMG 5773 IMG 5774

Google’s Gboard for iOS was updated to also support its own one-handed mode, keeping up with iOS 11. As you can see from our screenshots below, it looks identical (and swipe typing works too):

IMG 5771 IMG 5772

To toggle one-handed keyboard mode with Gboard, just tap and hold the ‘globe’ icon, then select ‘One-handed mode’.

Click here to download Gboard for iOS in the App Store. Google says its latest update also “now supports Japanese – including 12 keys, QWERTY, and Godan layouts”


  • My 1/2 cents

    It must be an Apple restriction but I don’t know why there is no 3rd party keyboard for iOS where you can adjust the height of the keyboard like you can with Android. It’s so annoying typing on the tiny iPhone + screen.

  • Charles

    Must be a 64-bit thing or iOS 11, cuz it ain’t on my iP 5