Gmail for iOS Updated: Archive/Reply from Notifications, Share Sheet Extension [PICS]


Gmail for iOS has reached version 4.0 today, which brings some pretty cool features, particularly the ability to archive or reply to an email from a notification. This means if an email notification pops up on your lockscreen, you can take action right away, which is just awesome.

IMG 2145

Also new is the ability to email files from other apps plus the launch of a new attachment viewer, which opens them into any app. So this means instead of using Mail as default to email photos, you can now choose Gmail.

You will need to toggle it on first. Tap the ‘share’ icon in the bottom left, go to ‘More’ (swipe to left), then toggle Gmail ‘ON’. Once enabled you’ll see it in the share sheet below:

IMG 2147

What’s New in Version 4.0

  • Take quick actions – Archive or reply to messages directly from a notification
  • Email files from other apps – Attach photos and documents to Gmail right from your favorite apps
  • New attachment viewer – Open attachments from Gmail into any app

Gmail for iOS keeps getting better and better. Click here to download it from the App Store.


  • bauub

    I’m assuming this still doesn’t have a ‘Mark All as Read’ feature.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the notice! Glad to see the improvments.

  • Chrome262

    Hope Mailbox does this soon, it pushes better then gmail and I kind of gotten use to it at this point,

  • ticky13

    How does it push better? You either get it straight away or you don’t, and I’ve always gotten Gmail ones instantly.

  • T_T ?

    No thank you. I’ll continue to use the native iOS email client 🙂

  • T_T ?

    There’s a delay. I experienced it too.

  • Chrome262

    I could just be me, when I run them side by side I get the mail box ones first. They say its something to do with the IMAP they run, but i am not sure if its really better. I ran it for the notifications at first and then just run the native, but its gotten better and has iCloud support.