Google Calendar for iPhone Finally Gets Month View


Google Calendar for iPhone launched last March, but when it did, the app lacked a proper bird’s eye month view. That changes today, as the app has been updated with month view, while in landscape, you’ll now get week views.

Below are a couple of our screenshots:

IMG 0375 IMG 0376

Unlike the month view in Readdle’s excellent Calendars 5 for iOS (which we prefer), you cannot drag events to new days to change them, but must tap and edit individual events.

Also new in this update are alternative calendars ( such as Lunar, Islamic or Hindu), plus support for Spotlight Search, which means you’ll be able to search iOS for your events, Reminders and Goals.

For users of G Suite (formerly Google Apps), you can now “Find a time and book a room”, as Google Calendar will now find the most appropriate meeting times and also rooms.

Back in April, Google Calendar for iPhone gained a new Goals feature, to help users automatically find the best times in the schedule to “Exercise”, “Build a Skill” or just get “Me Time”.

Click here to download Google Calendar for iPhone in the App Store. Let us know what you think of the new month view!


  • mxmgodin

    And still no widget? Arf… 🙁
    I love Google Calendar, and it’s become my main calendar app since the demise of Sunrise, but I really wish they’d add a widget to allow a quick look at my upcoming events right from the lock screen. It’s pretty much the only feature I still find myself missing from this app.

  • Many99

    Also an iPad version would be nice to have

  • Dingleberry

    Yea it’s a shame that M$ bought it, and now canned it.

  • Dingleberry

    Y’all can thank me for my persistent 1 star reviews of version of prior to this one.