Google Maps Coming To The App Store Soon? [Update]


Dan Cobley, Google’s UK Marketing Director, completed an interview with Bloomberg TV that shed some light on the Google Maps iOS 6 application. He never specifically stated that the application would be hitting the App-Store, but rather hinted that users could download Google Maps on their iPhone 5.

And iPhone 5 users can still use Google Maps just by downloading them or going to the Google Maps website; so we don’t see that as a problem

Currently a Google Maps application isn’t present in the App-Store, but we have been expecting one. For all we know the application may be in the approval process and Apple thinking of a way to deny it. The only Google alternative available is Google Earth, but it works much different from the maps we are used to.

Click here to view the Bloomberg TV interview. Cobley explains how Google enjoys competition because it “helps drive the market forward” and “make their products better.”

Google even told SearchEngineLand that they want Google Maps to be available for everyone to use. That would mean including iOS:

We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world. Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.

We’ll see a Google Maps release sooner or later I’m sure. It’s possible that Google was just awaiting the iPhone 5 release.

[via 9To5Mac]

Update: According to The Guardian, this is indeed true according to their sources, and was verified by @stroughtonsmith that an app had been submitted to Apple.

Update 2: Jim Dalrymple from The Loop, commenting on the following passage from 9to5Mac:

Additionally, we’ve learned an updated iOS 6 version of the Google has been submitted to Apple.




  • “And iPhone 5 users can still use Google Maps just by downloading them or going to the Google Maps website; so we don’t see that as a problem” Nothing in this statement indicates an upcoming google map app, it simply means you can point safari to and download the icon for a shortcut on your device. This article sounds more like wishful thinking than an actual hint that a google map apps would be in the works…

  • Steve Jobs Ghost

    I can’t wait for the release!

  • RyanStOnge

    Yeah I know, iOS 6 maps isn’t very detailed

  • bradg17

    what does “not very detailed” mean lol please shed some light I’m not on iOS 6 yet

  • imorton

    What about StreetView, that’s a major missing piece… 🙁

  • frank

    black and white maps

  • FragilityG4

    Aside from not having street view I like the iOS Maps … I find they load faster, they’re smoother and more accurate. Not to mention goggle never had my house in the sattalite view and now in iOS it’s there!

  • RyanStOnge

    While skimming through some articles online I found a comparison of some countries on iOS 6 maps and Google maps. Google maps would show the neighborhood in detail while iOS 6 was just a big blur, as if they hadn’t taken close-ups.

  • RyanStOnge

    No. Not wishful thinking. Why would he say in the video “downloading.” Putting an icon on your homescreen isn’t technically downloading. And I don’t wishful think because I never use maps. This report is for the users, not me.

  • Erik Kappel

    I may be in the minority, but I love the new Apple Maps. Just try Satellite view and move around, it’s way snappier than GMaps ever was! BUT, I also hope they release a GMaps app. Having the choice of apps could be very useful in some senarios (and would indeed be much better than the current web app).

  • Brad

    This please. I require my google maps 🙂

  • bradg17

    oh really? thats shitty but you mean pictures though right I thought you meant street details and stuff. oh well hopefully google releases a standalone app for us!

  • bradg17

    please google give us a google maps app that matches or nearly matches the android one! seriously starting to think about android after all of this crap they’ve been doing. I want widgets on my homescreen and better multitasking! not that i dont have that now but i really dont feel like waiting for a jailbreak if i get the iphone 5. last time the iphone 4s took forever

  • 313 photography

    Ohhhh noooo plz Google don’t give them the Google maps, I want to see others like Android fans and nokia fans laughter at them hahahahaha hahahahaha, I thank God that I bought a samsung galaxy s3, maaaaaan I really don’t want that Apple fans have the Google maps, I want to laughter at them when they use apple fail map this is apple hahahahaha hahahahaha, your are so so so funny apple fans, thy are like ( I like apple but they are failing and there’s no features on it)

  • RyanStOnge

    Yeah, and reading on more the issue is worse. We posted an article about it here. Maps is missing streets and some are even dislocated.