Google Maps iOS Update Adds Weather Results, Drop Pin for Directions and More


Google Maps for iOS has been updated with new features, now adding the ability to sort restaurant queries by cuisine categories, plus also showing weather for city search results.

For directions, you can now drop a pin within the map for navigation, plus public transit directions can be directly saved to your calendar.

What’s New in Version 4.2.0
• Filter searches for restaurants by cuisine type
• See current weather information for cities around the world
• Drop a pin for your starting and destination points in directions and navigation
• Add public transport directions to your calendar
• Business owners, claim your listing page to manage your presence on Maps
• Additional options for sharing places
• Bug fixes

As you can see below, the search result now shows the weather—anyone figure out how to make this show the temperature in Celsius?

google maps iphone update

Click here to download Google Maps for iOS.


  • andrez1

    It shows Celsius for me. Try going into settings and select Kilometers for distance settings. Then restart the app.

  • I tried that already. Kilometers were already selected. Even my Google iOS app settings are kilometres. Stumped. Might have to reinstall.

  • John Burn

    Shows Celsius for me as well. Gary, are your regional settings to set to “Canada”? Just a thought.

  • Ah, thanks! Totally forgot I was set to USA when I was testing Apple Pay. O_o