Google Maps for iOS Update Adds Multi-Stop Directions for Navigation


Last month, Google Maps released an update for Android users to allows them to add multiple stops to their directions, for a seamless navigational experience. That feature is now available for iOS users, as Google Maps has been updated in the App Store.

The feature allows to enter multiple stops before planning a commute, to make it easier after leaving each destination, so you no longer need to plug in your next stop.

What’s New in Version 4.21.0
• Add multiple destinations to your route, get directions, and navigate
• Bug fixes

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Hmm…we haven’t figured out how to set multiple stops after updating. Anyone seeing it yet?

Update: after tapping on navigate on your original destination, to add a second destination just hit the search icon, find another stop, then it will prompt if you want to add it to the route. Right now it looks like you are limited to one extra stop. You’ll be asked to remove one before you want to add another one.

Click here to download Google Maps for iOS in the App Store.


  • MGSayah

    Multiple destinations:
    After you set the destination, you can click on the little search icon too right corner and it gives you the choice to select a detour destination…

  • ahh, thanks!

  • Many99

    As far as I can tell, you can only add one stop, when you tap on search again it gives you only the option to remove the stop. As of now the android version is much easier to use with being able to add multiple stops and re order them as you see fit

  • Yes, I just noticed only one extra stop can be added, let’s hope it can expand like Android…this is a start though.