Google’s Search App Update Hasn’t Been Approved After Weeks Of Waiting


Remember when we told you two weeks ago that the Google Search application would receive an update bringing Siri-like functionality? Well, it’s still coming, Apple is just having a hard time approving the application.

As you may have heard, the voice assistant functionality in Google Search has been seen as a huge improvement over the current adaptation of Siri. Assuming Apple will approve the application, the assistant is capable of providing directions, the current movies playing in theaters, the weather, and much more. Check out the video below to see the sensationally-programmed Google Search update:

Google has waited a total of three weeks for the approval process. The search-company told reporters after the announcement two weeks ago that the application was submitted a week earlier.

According to ComputerWorld’s JR Raphael, Google told him Apple never even provided an explanation on the holdup. But really the situation is obvious, Apple doesn’t want an App Store application duplicating any of the same features as Siri. But I have seen many personal assistant applications in the App-store; what does a search-engine based application make a difference?

Apple could even deny the application if they so-choose. Their App-Store policy states iOS functionality cannot be duplicated. But if this was the case, Nuance has already broken the rules.

[via 9To5Mac]


  • MikeJenkinson

    On the other hand, Apple also once held up a major, much-needed update to BlogPress for something like 3 months, ostensibly because the new version contained a way to respond to comments from within the app and this apparently violated SOMETHING in Apple’s rules, so who knows what goes through that company’s mind sometimes.

    Although this does seem to be a little more cut-and-dried.

    Still, Google has done a pretty good job already of duplicating existing Apple/iOS functionality on the iPhone/iPad. I’ve swapped out the native iOS email and browsers for Gmail and Chrome on my iPhone.

  • WeebSurfer

    Does it give answers to location questions in Canada? Does it work on iPhone 4? Thats probably why apple is being a jerk. Google isnt duplicating. Their out performing! Suck it up apple!

  • RyanStOnge

    Yes I am pretty sure it does. I’m urgently waiting for the release, I wanted to try it out a few weeks ago when they announced it.

  • RyanStOnge

    Indeed they did. I haven’t thought about it much, but my main email is gmail and I use chrome too. Much better than the default apps on the iPhone.

  • MikeJenkinson

    I moved/imported/forwarded all my various personal email accounts to GMail when the iOS app got the ability to “send as” a non-GMail account. Now I have my email auto-sync’d across all my computers and devices that all send from my default personal account. Works great, and is a big improvement over the patchwork system I had before of having to download multiple accounts on multiple iOS devices and PCs.

    Google Chrome iOS’s ability to “share” links from within the browser to email, Twitter/FB and G+ is fantastic. I wish they’d build that in to Google Chrome on the PC so that I could ditch my installed sharing extension.

  • Not_impressed

    Typical Apple Politics. Personally I believe the Nazi type politics with the latest joke patent suits by Apple, the iPhone 4S may be the last Apple product I own.