Hot iPhone Turn by Turn GPS Sales: Navigon for $29.99, TomTom for $39.99


Two of the best turn by turn iPhone GPS apps are currently on sale–but not for long.

TomTom is selling for $39.99 ($20 off), and Navigon (my favourite) is selling for $29.99 ($30 off). It comes down to preference with both of these apps, but I’ve tried both and Navigon clearly is the winner. For $29.99 it’s a phenomenal deal, only until Feb. 13th.

In other news, turn by turn is coming to the iPhone via Cydia–a much requested feature by iPhone users.:

Get these apps while they’re hot. What is your favourite turn by turn iPhone GPS app?


  • Jay

    Is live traffic (add-on) functional in Calgary? Don’t want to waste my money if it’s not…

  • Anonymous

    Navigon is pretty sweet, and $30 for a lifetime upgradeable GPS is a pretty good deal!

  • It says Canada, so I assume all of Canada.

  • It says Canada, so I assume all of Canada.

  • Can I save my trips to file? This would be good!

  • Anonymous

    Love Navigon! I actually paid the normal price but it was a great buy compared to stand alone gps units that cost a ton more.

  • NoThanks

    How are either of these better than the free MapQuest 4 Mobile?

  • These are full-fledged turn by turn GPS apps, that blows away MapQuest 4
    Mobile. Your iPhone becomes a GPS unit.

  •  Dennis

    Thanks for the heads-up Gary! I’ve been on the fence about downloading this app because of the price. You’re the man, love this blog.

  • Glad we could help. 🙂

  • Luca

    YES!! Im probably going to get it now they have many sales so i was waiting again. BUT WHY DOESN’T THE CANADIAN ONE HAVE SPEED ASSIST????? Its worth getting the Canadian one over the USA and Canada, way more memorie in NA.

  • Are you talking about Navigon? It does have speed assist (the warning
    alert?). Get NA, you’ll have a full-fledged GPS in USA/Hawaii even if you’re
    not driving. No data is used.

  • Lukas


  • Scarymon

    Why do you prefer Navigon and how does it compare to Copilot?

  • Rollee_

    I’m planning to get A GPS app.Thanks for this post, but I’m wondering if the Canada one has more local info than USA/Canada? How do these compare?

    Also do you know how this compares to Garmin app (also on sale)?

  • Wuju007

    As much as I would like to get the Navigon App, I could figure out how to set a beginning to and destination path easily. 10 mins in and still not sure. It needs work on its usability usage.

  •  Dennis

    Does anyone have any idea on how to get rid of the blue “P” parking symbol? I went to settings and turned off categories, but it’s still showing up. It takes up the left corner of the map.

    Also, the views don’t look like the view on the screen shots. I have downloaded the 3D view add-on. The highway doesn’t look like the highway that they picture with lane assist.

    Any ideas? Thanks

  • Duffy

    They also don’t use up your data plan. Unlike your maps app.

  • Horatio

    Is it more info than just deetfoot?

  • I originally used Navigon for a few months and recently switched to Tom Tom. I actually like Tom Tom a lot more. The maps are updated more frequently thanks to user-added updates, and I find it easier to find places with the Google search as well. They are both good, but I prefer Tom Tom.

  • Lukas

    yes as I can tell (Hw1, MacLeod, Crowchild, Country Hills, Glenmoore …) and BTW addons for Navigon are on sale too

  • You can add them to bookmarks.

  • Anonymous

    Waze is free, and potentially much better than any of them.

  • Waze requires data. These don’t. Waze is useless in the USA.

  • AnonymousGuy

    What I would like to see is a comparison between the two major GPS apps: TomTom vs Navigon.

  • AnonymousGuy

    Unless you have a really good data roaming package, I would stay far away from the Garmin App as it completely relies on data usage (no preloaded maps). You can easily rack up data roaming charges in the states with the Garmin. Stick with TomTom or Navigon.

  • Rollee_

    I thank you for posting this very important piece of info, never knew the Garmin app relies solely on data.
    I just got Navigon.

  • PDS

    Bought this app and discovered it was a total waste of money. GPS does not work for the Kingston area or anywhere north. I reset my phone as per their instructions to improve signal, it did, but barely. It can sometimes find a signal, but 9 out of 10 times, it does not and today was sunny and clear. I guess unless you live in Toronto or Vancouver, it just doesn’t work. Sent email to firm and they have not responded.

  • Jojo

    I have both as well and I like Tom Tom better as some others mentioned. Navigon it to hard to set the point you are trying to get to.