Improve Your Odds Of Winning In Canadian 6/49 Lotteries With ‘LottoPal’ iOS App


A new iOS app for Candian lottery enthusiasts has recently hit the App Store called LottoPal. The iPhone app helps to improve the odds of winning in Canadian 6/49 lotteries by assisting players in making smart picks based on statistical analysis of previous lottery draws. The app also displays latest winning numbers and payout information and even let you print your picks on lottery cards.

From the official iTunes description:

Supported Lotteries:

1. Lotto 6/49
2. LottoMax
3. Atlantic 49
4. Quebec 49
5. Ontario 49
6. Western 49
7. BC 49

In addition, get latest results for: 
Atlantic Tag, Quebec Extra, Ontario Encore, Western Extra, BC Extra

App Features:

1. Generate smart picks for your favorite lotteries
2. Display the latest winning numbers and payout information
3. Print your picks on lottery cards (available from lottery retailers)
4. E-mail picks to your pool players
5. Match up your picks with winning numbers
6. Generate up to $5 worth of picks per lottery/draw

The app is available as a free version as well as paid one ($4.99). Below are the App Store links:


  • gogoboy

    If I have such an idea to improve the odd, wouldn’t I simply get myself the record winning set me to the world genius book instead of selling app for misery few dollars?

  • Hank

    I still believe that a set of number’s probability of winning is 1:1. So why the need for statistical analysis? So much more an app for that?

    We are dealing with random selection of ‘identical balls’. Not horses in horseracing where a lot factors count like age of horse, it’s jockey, both their recent performance etc.

  • Shorty_dammit

    Statistical analysis of completely random, isolated instances. Yeah, good luck with that. The only way to guarantee winning the lottery is to buy every number combination. (Which an investment group actually did on that old TV show “That’s Incredible”, haha.)

  • zrke

    Well, if you buy the whole quantum physics thing, even if there was only 6 balls, and you got to pickthe exact same number, still a chance you won’t win….chew on that

  • Jon

    It can’t improve the ODDS. The only way to do that is to buy more tickets. The odds a number never selected before is chosen is the same as the odds the exact same number from last week gets chosen.

  • digik9

    Randumb, it’s all randumb. Your odds of winning are about the same whether or not you buy a ticket.

  • hank

    Apple needs to clean up their appstore and get rid of non-sense apps like this. i’d pay $1 to a “fart” app over this. lol!

  • tbutch

    Only thing dumber then this app is someone who downloads it. Wow.

  • Serge

    Statistical analysis is used in genetics, physics, medicine, communications theory, and software reliability to mention a few. At least try using the free app before you make your verdict…