Infinity Blade II is a Free Download for the First Time Ever ($6.99 value)


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Here’s a quick heads up for another hot free download right now. Up for grabs is Infinity Blade II by Epic Games, regularly-priced at $6.99. This universal download is free and is the sequel to the smash hit Infinity Blade, which surpassed $30 million in revenue this January.

Infinity Blade II was last updated back in November 2012, where it added support for the iPhone 5, fourth gen iPad and iPad mini. This is the first time the game has been offered for free.

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Click here to download Infinity Blade II while it’s free! You don’t want to miss this.

PS – here are other decent freebies: Where’s My Water ($0.99); Tiny Wings ($0.99)Tiny Wings HD ($2.99); Taptalk ($2.99)


  • Setak

    Many more free apps to come, a way to celebrate App Store’s 5th anniversary on July 11th.

  • Yeah it now seems to appear that way. We’ll get a full list going for everyone shortly.

  • jabohn

    I’d like to know if the game is any different than the first one. I grew bored with the first one after awhile because it was the same thing over and over… fight enemy, walk over bridge, fight enemy, walk through tunnel, fight enemy… and so on.