Infinity Blade: The Fastest Grossing App of All Time


One of the most highly anticipated iOS games, Infinity Blade, was released four days ago. From the makers of Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade sports some of the best graphics you’ll ever see on an iOS device, especially on the Retina Display of the iPhone 4.

Infinity Blade Now the Fastest Grossing App of All Time

History has been made by Infinity Blade. It is now the fastest grossing app of all time. In a mere four days, the app was able to accrue over 274,768 downloads (as of 10:55PM PST). As summarized by appmodo (updated numbers):

According to Apple’s Game Center, as of this evening (Dec 12) there are 271,424 [274,768] users that have played Infinity Blade. The app sells for $5.99 large. At those figures, the app has generated $1,625,829.76 $1,645,860.32 [updated] in sales in just 4 days. The previous record was set by Cut the Rope with over $1 million in 10 days.

With their 70% developer profit share, Epic Games just made $1.15 million US in 4 days. These numbers rival what traditional console games can do. Considering the amount of work put into Infinity Blade, the $5.99 pricing is quite aggressive when you think about it. This game will definitely be up for one of the top iOS games of the year.

Game development on iOS has reached an all time new standard in terms of graphics with Infinity Blade. The next update will bring multiplayer, new map areas, equipment, and enemies.



  • appledude12

    just bought the infinity blade …. not much else to do then wait till the uptade …. geeezzz

  • Wuju

    hope the next update comes soon. want more level, fighters and areas to explore.

  • Yes, I agree with everyone else that the update is needed!
    I have mastered just about everything, sitting just shy from level 40.
    really looking forward to the multiplayer addon, also wasnt this game suppose to be a free movment?
    Free movement meaning analog sticks to walk around instead of this tap to move system to got running right now.

  • JfromK

    I haven’t even looked at it because of other posters commenting that compared to the freedom of Epic Citidel, it sucked. And quite honestly I’m not interested in paying $5.99 for suck… LOL, I’m not going to go there……..

  • Anonymous

    *cough cough* free with jailbreak + installous *cough cough* 😛