iOS 7 Updates: Gmail Gets Visual; Mint Redesigned; Moves Gets M7 Motion Data


It’s been a busy couple of days for app updates and some of our favourite apps have seen new iOS 7 updates.

Gmail gets a new visual update for iOS 7, but the big update comes for the iPad as there’s now a new navigation bar, full screen mode for portrait and more:

What’s New in Version 2.7182
iPhone & iPad: Visual update for iOS 7

iPad: Major Update
– New navigation bar to switch between categories and accounts in landscape
– Full screen view of your messages in portrait
– Better scrolling
– Compose new messages in full screen

Gmail ios 7

Mint is a finance app worth checking out and it now has an overhauled iOS 7 design, plus a new trends feature:

What’s New in Version Mint 2.7.0
* New iOS 7 Design
* Trends on the Phone – View Spending By Category, Spending Over Time and Net Income Charts
* Edit Pending Transactions
* Squished Bugs

Mint ios 7 Mint ios 7 b

Moves was an interesting activity tracker that was free, but its 2.0 update is now on sale at an introductory price of $1.99 for new users (free for existing users). It now has a mode to save your battery life by up to 40% and uses M7 motion co-processor data found in the iPhone 5s.

What’s New in Version 2.0
Completely redesigned Moves 2.0!
• New beautiful design
• Battery Saving Mode that saves up to 40% of battery (iOS 7 only)
• Support for the M7 co-processor in iPhone 5s

Available for an introductory price of $1.99 until the end of November, and $2.99 afterwards.

Moves ios 7 Moves ios 7 c

Other major updates worth mentioning include Day One and HeyTell. Let us know which of your favourite apps have received significant updates in the comments below.


  • David

    I read people writing about how Canadian banks don’t like mint. They were saying if you give your password to mint, the banks won’t be responsible for any fraud even if mint has nothing to do with it, just because you violate some sort of agreement with the bank. Is that true? Thank you.