Is Notification Service Boxcar Working for You? [Update]


One of my favourite push notification services, Boxcar, has been down and out over the past few months and it has gotten progressively worse. I’ve long noted about the downtime on twitter and just today The Next Web highlights the Boxcar website no longer is up and running, along with users being unable to connect to the service. Their twitter account @boxcar hasn’t responded to customers since June 20th. Boxcar for Mac stopped working for me a while back too.

The company doesn’t seem to be dead just yet though. In March, it garnered $150K in a seed financial round, with ambitions to release its service for Android users. We reached out to their CEO a while back asking what was up with their spotty service and we have yet to hear back.

Is Boxcar still alive? Maybe. If they are reading, it’d be nice to just communicate with users instead of leaving them in the dark.

Update 1: Of course, Boxcar has started to work now right after this article was published.


  • No, not working for me, and doesn’t appear to be working for anybody. You’re right that their last tweet was June 20 – but that was just a test of some kind. The tweet prior to that, on June 9, was congratulating somebody re their wedding. The @boxcar twitter account has actually not been actively replying to customers since May 29 — so it’s now about 6 weeks since they started ignoring their customers.

  • Chris Burke

    I like this site.. Mostly because it’s Canadian.. However.. I would live to see some original content.. It seems you just sit on cult of Mac, and just repost their posts to your blog, changing some words here and there… Come on.. Us Canadians are better than that.. Start posting your own stories.. This was posted on cult of Mac 1 hour before you posted it, and there’s a good chance that readers for your site also read COM.. I’m just getting tired of seeing the same stories over and over in my feed reader

  • Have you read our two articles this morning about RBC’s upcoming digital wallet and the TomTom story? Seems you might have ‘missed’ those Canadian-specific stories.

    If you actually saw that CoM story, they referenced The Next Web for their story ‘inspiration’.

    If you even went so far as to read The Next Web Boxcar story, you would’ve seen they embedded my personal tweet within their story about Boxcar’s service being down, which we’ve repeatedly talked about on twitter for the past few months. 🙂

    I am glad you provided feedback–it’s helpful. However, as a reader it’s also your responsibility to open your eyes and read too sometimes, you know. 🙂

  • BrodieTheDog

    Well said. And no. It’s not working for me either.

  • Hear, hear. Gary, you just keep on keepin’ on – I’m sure the vast majority of Canadians who read this excellent blog do not share the above opinion!!

  • The only part of Boxcar that consistently works for me is the email forwarding feature, which I love. It lets me setup push notifications for certain people’s email address, but doesn’t send the actual message, meaning I can check it or not. But the Twitter and RSS features I used to depend on have been failing for months…

  • I think the Canadian specific content is great, and that’s what I’m saying I want more of.. Just because they reference your tweet doesn’t mean the story is yours, it just means you probably sent then the most tweets about it.. The time stamps are the proof.. Look back through your posts.. I’d guess for every original post that is Canadian content, there is probably 10 posts that are basically a copy from CoM.. I realize that this is what tech blogs do, because they can’t be original.. But come on, your Canadian.. Canadians are better than just taking someone else’s post.. Of CoM or any tech blog writes a post you like.. Instead of coping it and changing a few words to make it seem original, just post “hey I found this great article over at CoM about “X”. . And link it.. Surely Canadians have some good tech news to share.. Because you are basically just making money off of someone else’s work..

  • Canadian specific content is not always out there but we do our best to find it and post about it. An example would be the Opus Hotel and their iPhones, we had that out earlier than most sites. You need to realize we are very niche in the tech world and Canada is a sleepy hollow. Your expectations are premeditated resentmentQ.