iTunes Card Sale at Food Basics: $10 Off $50 Cards


For those looking for a quick iTunes Card sale, Food Basics currently has $10 off $50 iTunes Cards. Food Basics is based in Ontario so if there’s a store near you, time to jump on this deal. The deal started on November 9th and is on until the 22nd. 


For those that continue to fund their iTunes Account with 20% off cards, that means a discount on any purchase in the App Store, iTunes, Mac App Store or iBookstore. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Thanks @Pierre_Toronto!


  • wuju

    Can I get the iTunes gift card and have it saved into Passbook? Or Passbook only works if you buy iTunes credit from Apple Online method.?

  • Anthony ?

    iTunes gift cards are only usable with the iTunes Store (Apps, Music, Books,etc) so putting it in Passbook wouldn’t make any sense. You just redeem the code on the card for iTunes Store credit.