Waterloo-Based Kik Surpasses 50 Million Users, Adding 200,000 New Users Daily


Waterloo-based Kik has announced its cross platform messaging app has surpassed 50 million users, currently adding over 200,000 new users per day. The company also noted over 25 million installs of their HTML5 apps have been installed via their Cards feature, introduced last fall. During that same time, Kik announced it had reached 30 million users and was adding 100,000 new users per day, which shows their growth continues expand:

“We are excited that 50 million users have already embraced Kik as the best way to communicate one-to-one in mobile,” said Kik CEO Ted Livingston. “We expect this number to continue to grow as we add new experiences to Cards, utilizing the HTML5 tools and libraries we have spent almost two years perfecting.”

The newest version of their iOS app, version 6.3 has launched with new in-app push notifications for message previews and Cards updates. Also, a new Favorites feature allows users to organize their frequently used Cards.

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Kik launched in the fall of 2010 and its founder, a former RIM employee was sued by the company shortly after the app’s launch over allegations of patent infringement.

Click here to download Kik–it’s free. What’s your cross-platform messaging app of choice? Kik or WhatsApp?


  • Nick Chand

    kik sucks. use WhatsApp

  • suza

    kik is retarded, who doesnt use whatsapp? is your site paid by kik for this article?

  • Nope. Just adding Canadian content.

    Are you a paid shill for WhatsApp to thrash Kik? 😉

  • bradg17

    I agree I tried Kik and it was terrible. I like whatsapp much better but I don’t use either. Texting and iMessage work fine for me. Also I find it funny that they say 50 million users and “50 million people embrace Kik as THE BEST way to communicate one to one on a mobile” I have Kik installed which means I am a user. I do not consider it to be the best, so I wonder how many other “users” they made that assumption for too.

  • I also ditched Kik ages ago in favour of WhatsApp.

  • Balvena Sethi

    Well , I use what apps as well as kik . Have to say that kik is WAY better and more secure . Great job Kiksters !