‘Launch Center Pro’ Developer Releases Free Shortcut App ‘Contact Center’


From the makers of Launch Center Pro, available today for free is Contact Center, a free iOS app to allow users to stay in touch with frequent contacts via simple shortcuts. The app has the same layout as Launch Center Pro ($4.99) and looks to help drive users towards the more powerful paid app if they want more features and capabilities. There’s also a $2.99 in-app purchase to remove ads.

Start conversations.

Staying in touch with the people you care about should be quick and easy. With Contact Center, simple shortcuts let you:

• Send a group message or email
• Search and share animated GIFs
• Quickly message or email a photo
• Use FaceTime or FaceTime Audio
• Automatically paste your clipboard into an email or message
• Save time with canned messages
• Jump right to a contact in WhatsApp
• Search and call any contact
• Dial a number using the keypad
• Display contact details

Contact center Contact center 2

Promo video:

If you’ve always wanted to try out Launch Center Pro and what it can do, Contact Center should give you a taste of the shortcuts you can create to make life much easier for repetitive tasks in dealing with frequent contacts. It’s very simple to use and setup and it’s free.

Click here to download Contact Center for iOS—it’s free.


  • dallashinton

    On iTunes: this item is unavailable. On iPhone – this item is no longer available. Hmmm….

  • Really? I just clicked the link from my Mac and it loaded in Safari and iTunes. Weird…

  • dallashinton

    very odd — I tried again – same thing! 🙁 Are you on the Canadian store? (I’m Windows, but the phone fails too)

  • I clicked the link from my iPhone and it loaded. I have already downloaded it, but I’ll delete and try again.

  • dallashinton

    Well? Don’t keep me in suspense! 🙂

  • Deleted. Was able to successfully reinstall. iPhone 5s running iOS 7.1.2.

  • dallashinton

    Very strange — 5 here, but still no joy. Oh well, maybe in a few hours.

  • Eddie

    I get the same issue. Item cannot be purchased as it has need deleted.

  • rhodz_99

    Downloaded thru app store with no issues. Love this app. The only problem, i had error in purchasing to removed ads.