Live Stream the Rio Olympics on iPhone, iPad with CBC Rio 2016


As promised, CBC has released their Rio 2016 iOS app, to allow iPhone and iPad users to live stream the upcoming Summer Olympics and follow Team Canada every step of the way, from August 5-21.

Rio 2016 cbc

The app allows for customized alerts for medal results and breaking news, plus also brings up-to-date even and broadcast schedules too. Other parts of the app allows users to meet Team Canada’s athletes, as interviews, highlights and profiles are all included.

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Starting August 5th, the live video feed will begin, but until then, the app is still usable to check out news and more. Once the Games start, you’ll be live streaming the 2016 Rio Olympics on your iPhone at work, washrooms, during dinner at the in-laws and more.

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No word yet whether there will be an app for the Apple TV, as that would make for an easy viewing experience in the living room for cord cutters.

CBC will also be partnering with Twitter Canada to extend the reach of their Olympics coverage.

Click here to download CBC Rio 2016 in the App Store—it’s a 47.8MB download.


  • David

    Why couldn’t they make it work with tvOS? >:-|

  • Not too sure…maybe it would take eyes away from…cable TV?!

  • David

    I’d think it would open up viewership to more eyes. Especially with all those cord-cutters. I seem to remember they had an increase in viewership in Sochi because of the iOS app? I’m curious to see what NBC does (if they have an app that works with tvOS).

  • winnertakesteve

    so if you have an iPhone/iPad and no cable they want your eyes, but if you have an apple tv and no cable they don’t. too bad for them that’d have been the one way i might have watched a bit. i wonder how many others are in the same boat.

  • Guest

    What about when CBC broadcasts a VR stream? CBC said in order to watch VR, you’ll need a compatible VR Headset but didn’t specify which VR headset is compatible. Also, which VR headset would be best for an iPhone 6S and 6S+?

  • mxmgodin

    I had asked CBC on Twitter earlier this year. They had said there was no plan at the moment for an Apple TV app, but that the iOS app would be Air Play-compatible. Is it the case, or have they backtracked on that? It would be better than nothing, I guess.

    It may have to do with licensing fees, too.

  • mxmgodin
  • ticky13

    Why not just AirPlay your iPad to your Apple TV?