Mailbox 1.2 Update Brings Smarter Snoozes, Faster Swipes


Popular inbox-clearing email app Mailbox has released an update today to bring some new features and tweaks. Snoozes are now ‘smarter’ as they have been adjusted based on the time of day and week, plus you can now swipe more than one email at a time (as many as you want). There are also some minor UI improvements as well and also bug and performance improvements.

What’s New in Version 1.2.0
– smarter snoozes (adjust based on time of day and week)
– faster swipes (swipe as many items at one time as you want)
– UI improvements (e.g. double-tap a name bubble to see email address)
– bug fixes (including swipe-to-open bug) and performance improvements

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The ability to swipe as many emails as possible is a nice addition. Now I just need to remember to use Mailbox daily.

Click here to download Mailbox for iOS–it’s free.


  • reformcanada

    Still only supports gmail. Not sure why they cannot add more email account options. They are really narrowing their market. Lot of outlook, live and yahoo users out there like me. I would love to use this app, but am forced to pass.

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  • Jason

    Still wish it would allow multiple signatures for multiple accounts. Currently i’m using mailbox to clean up my email accounts and send emails from my personal account. When issuing emails from my work account I need to switch back to IOS Mail where my outgoing signature for work is.