Mailbox Gets Landscape Mode for iPhone, Gmail Alias Support


Mailbox for iOS, a Gmail email client, has been updated with landscape support for the iPhone (the app recently was updated to include landscape support for the iPad). Also new is support for Gmail’s “send as” alias feature (finally!).

What’s New in Version 1.3.2
– Landscape mode for iPhone
– Gmail “send as” alias support
– Bug fixes

Photo 3

After you agreed to add an email alias, it takes you to the following page to do so:

Photo 1 Photo 2

Of course, aliases must be enabled and verified in your Gmail settings. Can’t wait to try this out, I might be moving back to Mailbox again (currently using Gmail for iOS). Let us know if you are able to setup alias support for your inbox!

Click here to download Mailbox, it’s free.


  • MikeJenkinson

    Once you add the alias, you have to go back to your Mailbox app settings and set your alias as your default or else it won’t work and will continue to send from your Gmail address.

    I, too, am going to give Mailbox a go as my default iPhone/iPad app for my personal email and ditch the Gmail app, which was fine, but very slow on my iPhone 4 (although, to be fair, EVERYTHING is slow on my iPhone 4 these days).

  • MikeJenkinson

    Also, I’m happy the app got “send as alien” support. Always wanted to send mail as an alien. 🙂

  • Ben Levine

    I had just recently switched to an iPhone 5 so my use of exchange was no more. I tried Mailbox out for a few days but I found that it wasn’t automatically updating. For instance if I got an e-mail, read it on my computer and then unlocked my phone it would still show a “1” badge on top of mailbox. Whereas the gmail app clears that instantly. Not sure if anyone else experiences this or knows how to remedy it?

  • fredf

    Not a big fan of Mailbox. I really don’t see what it brings to the table.

  • Jason

    Anyone know if the iOS 7 will be adding some of the mailbox features? I really love how Mailbox snoozes messages, swipe to delete or archive, and sorting emailing into different or new categories is simpler. If iOS grabbed some or all of these features I’d delete this app.