Mailbox Hits the App Store, Reservations Start Filling


Mailbox has hit the App Store and the company has announced they have started rolling out reservations for their email app. They recently made reservations available for their new age email app, as part of a plan to ensure the service remains up and doesn’t get crushed due to demand. Mailbox says as more reservations are filled the rate will continue to speed up over time:

Mailbox relies on servers in the cloud to do things like send push notifications, make downloading email as fast as possible, and handle snoozed messages. Software that is server-based is susceptible to being overloaded and we want to keep this from happening. This is email, after all, and it needs to work reliably.

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Once users download Mailbox they’ll be asked to enter their reservation number or make one right from the app:

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Click here to download Mailbox–it’s free. What’s your number in line?


  • 302, 355 people are in front of me….

    Yes! 302, 354…

  • It’s a brilliant marketing ploy and part of their gradual roll out.

  • Sly


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    b4 commenting this mailbox app i should at least use it and make a decent review then for obvious reasons, i cannot for there is a queue b4 i can start using mailbox. (or at least b4 i get mailbox up and running with emails coming through to my iphone). the article and clip (video) on mailbox in december showed it appears to be a fashion victim mail app (targeted to fashion victims) and i downloaded instead a copy of sparrow mail to understand how iOS mobile mail can be improved in connection with reading/writing emails tasks.

    final and definitive evaluation: Mailbox, another way to say “Take your number and wait in the Queue” (i.e: a app made by state/public administration administrative employees.)

    even using sparrow hasn’t impressed me a lot for i still believe stock ios mobile mail is pretty much everything we want from a mail app on iphone in addition, it sounds like (it appears) Mailbox wants to sneak-in our private email communication by collecting stats on our own email accounts activity. this “Take Your number and wait ” app then, is definitely not a BUY. SELL.
    marc thomson barnes

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  • I hope that dont make mess out of it. I had around 147000 in front of me and almost same number behind me in morning and now after almost 10 hours, only around 400 of them reduced from the line in front of me and ppl behind me has risen to 294040.. and counting.

  • Colin D’Souza

    There are 250 000 people in from of me!