Microsoft’s ‘Office Mobile’ iPhone App Hits the Canadian App Store


Last week Microsoft launched their Office Mobile app for the iPhone in the App Store, but it debuted as a USA-only app. Well, as of today Office Mobile is live in the Canadian App Store. Do note the app is only good for Office 365 subscribers and will allow users to make changes to documents on the go and have them sync in the cloud. An Office 365 subscription runs $99 per year.


Click here to download Office Mobile for Office 365–it’s free. Let us know how you like Office Mobile!

Thanks @aleclerc!


  • Boutros

    Yeah, like I’m going to pay $99 per year to use word? Seriously MS, how many mistakes can you make?

  • Yeah it doesn’t make sense for the average user, but for businesses that require Word, this might come in handy. But it’ll cost ya.

  • Jfmartel

    Should be included if you have a valid office 2013 licence at least.

  • yearoftherat

    iWorks for iCloud looks promising. I hope Apple comes out with an app that will do the same thing w/o charging us an arm and a leg for an annual subscription.

  • Jason

    Yeah I’m not paying that. Come on MS make it $1.99 tops.

  • wuju

    silly to tie into 365 subscription only. no way I’m paying a $99 subscription to have access.