Microsoft Selfie for iPhone Launches to Improve Your Selfie Game


Do you love yourself? Love yourself even more with the new Microsoft Selfie iPhone app, which recently launched in the App Store.

This new app takes variables such as “age, gender, skin tone, lighting” and more to automatically enhance your images with one-tap (via The Verge), and looks to be an iOS version of Lumia Selfie, currently available for Windows Phone users:

Microsoft Selfie is a selfie and portrait enhancement application. The app takes age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account, applies different models automatically and finishes enhancement with just a single click. Users can transform average photos into more presentable portraits in seconds. Key features of this application are noise reduction, intelligent enhancement, automatic exposure and color theme.

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Click here to download Microsoft Selfie in the App Store—it’s free. Let us know how you like it.


  • I don’t think many people are aware their phone has a front camera. I still see too many people standing in the bathroom mirror. 😛

  • Anon

    Because the front camera is crappy on any previous to the 6S. It’s also impossible to get a full body shot with the front camera.

  • I was more making a funny little jab at selfie users.
    For the full body shooters, I suppose the desporate 16 year olds need the wide angle lense to get their skinny abbs in there. Heh

  • Alex

    Wow haha. Someone has a lot of frustration in regards to selfies of the youth ! Haha