MLB Fans: Topps Releases BUNT 2013 Trading Card Game


With the 2013 MLB season to kick off on April 1st, Topps has released version 3.0 of its exclusive BUNT trading card game. The update includes a new navigation interface and improved loading times, plus multi-card trades and unlimited card collections are now possible. There are also collectable card and awards plus the ability to leave comments and read news.

The app essentially brings a digital way to collect baseball cards, where your picks increase or decrease in value in real-time, based on how that particular player is performing in real life. New players are being added every week, from the over 300 available MLB players.

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Check out the video promo below:

The only question remains–does the download come with bubble gum? Click here to download the Topps BUNT 2013 app–it’s free.




    Hey we all can use some extra coins. This brings baseball/trading cards to your pocket. And they made a game out of it that you start 9 players and change then whenever to accumulate points.

    Use the promo code NY_METS to get more coins when you start.

    It’s a great app!!!