MobileMe iDisk & Find My iPhone Apps Updated


Today Apple pushed out two minor updates for their MobileMe iDisk and Find My iPhone apps.

To make use of the apps, users must have an active MobileMe subscription.

MobileMe iDisk

If you’ve been having minor issues with the iDisk app, download the free update. The new update, version 1.2.1, has patched the following issues:

  • An issue that prevented package files (Keynote, Pages, etc) from opening in the corresponding app on iPad
  • Rotated images now show in the correct orientation when opened
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone has also received a minor update. The new update, version 1.01, has added support for the fourth generation iPod touch and patched the following issues:

  • Translation fixes for German, French, and Japanese languages
  • Various bug fixes

Both apps work on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and the updates are available now for free on the App Store.


  • Anonymous

    Question: Do people like the Find My Iphone service that MobileMe provides? I don’t know if I can justify the $109 it is per year (or whatever it costs). I am really only concerned about someone stealing my phone (as it happened to my 3gs), so does anyone have recommendations for other third party services like that that won’t drain my battery or my wallet?

  • Ex

    Well the $109 isn’t only for Find My iPhone! There are many more apps and even web hosting!

  • i have mobile me 79.99 because i got the discount off my ipad. also you can buy them off Ebay or Amazon for likr 60 to 90 factory sealed if you wana save a little $$$

    i personally love the Mail. and the fact that its Syncs wirelessly my Contacts, Safari Bookmarks, Calendar events n such, i have 2 iphones, 2 ipads and a Macbook Pro. Its a pain to have to update and sync all 1 at a time to keep em all updated. MobileMe pushes your Calendar changes and contacts m stuff to All devices within about a minute. its Very handy, and for $110 ( or less ) for a year . $10 bucks a month is worth it.

  • Any1

    If you’re just concerned of someone stealing your phone, and don’t care about MobileMe and you have a jailbroken phone, I recommend Cylay. (
    It’s developed by saurik himself (Cydia creator) $20 a year and far better features than FindMyPhone provides, such as disabling power off, tracking (follow path) mode, take picture (and with iPhone4 take picture with front camera), messaging, and forward texts, plus more.

    I use it on my iPhone 4, and battery life is not really affected. Plus you can hide it and find your phone with any browser (no need for iTunes or iDevice)

  • Andrew Pitt

    If you have a Gmail account, then you can sync your email, calendar and contacts for free. Not only that, but you get about 8GB of email storage or more.

    Also, you can use Dropbox to get pretty much all the features of iDisk, but your first 2GB of storage is free.

    I really don’t see how Apple can justify the price of this service.

  • Andrew Pitt

    I replied to a comment with this info, but should have made it a post of it’s own. Here it goes:

    Most people that I know (not all… but most) have a Gmail account. Most of those people also use Gmail for calendar and contacts.

    You can setup your iPhone email client to use your GMail account (and still get threaded conversations, etc…), you can sync your Gmail calendars with the calendar app, and you can sync your contacts with Gmail as well. You also get tons of space with Gmail (I think 7.5 + GB now). This is all free.

    If you want dead simple online storage, you can get a 2GB free Dropbox account. Dropbox also has a free iPhone app for uploading stuff to Dropbox, and viewing the contents of your dropbox account on your phone. They also have PC/Mac clients that make sharing folders of with other people extremely simple. There’s also a nice web interface if you’re not near one of your computers or your mobile phone. Again… 2GB is free.

    If you want 50GB, it’s $99/year (same as MobileMe).

    So… if you’re going to store < 2GB of stuff, why pay $100/year for services that are available for free? And if you do want to pay $100/year, why not get 50GB instead of 20GB? Even before I heard of Dropbox, I liked the sound of MobileMe, but the price was perplexing. Seemed seriously expensive for the actual service it provides. In summary: User Gmail/calendar/contacts for free email, calendar, contact syncing. Use Dropbox for 2GB of free space.

  • Yep I know. I use google and mobileMe for 2 accounts ^_~