Montreal Launches New Parking App with 65% Lower Fees, User Told to Upgrade by Sept. 16


Montreal has launched a new parking app today powered by Passport, the company behind apps for the Toronto Parking Authority’s Green P app and Vancouver’s EasyPark app.

The P$ Mobile Service app will let users pay for on street parking with their iPhone or Android, while also have the option to extend times and get notifications when parking is due, plus get detailed session history as well.

Users of the new app will benefit from service fee reductions of 65%, down 13 cents from 20 cents to 7 cents, plus have the option to add multiple credit cards to an account, making it easy to separate personal and business charges.

Montreal passport Montreal passport 2

“Since its launch in 2012, parking users have adopted the P $ Mobile Service application with its ease of use. Its popularity is such that we are approaching one million payment transactions per month! In addition to continuing to provide our users with a user-friendly and reliable application, the new version provides a solid, proven and scalable foundation that will allow us to add new features in the future such as license plate payment, Obtaining parking discounts, locating parking places on a map,” explained Charles Auger, General Manager of Montreal Parking.

Existing P$ Mobile Service users have one month until September 16 to move over to the new app. Online transaction history will be available until November 16 online at

Click here to download P$ Montreal for iOS in the App Store.


  • IAN

    Be careful when you update the app, you lose all your existing data like cc, parking history, etc….

    I hope this can clear this up, instead of making folks RE-ENTER all their info again into the app after updating.

  • ben

    really bad app. awful UI, lots of bugs, not even touch ID as in the previous app. you actually have to enter a passcode each time you use the app even after you opened it. really not usuer friendly. needs lots of work

  • IAN

    I agree, especially considering they were bring in revenue of close to $200k.

    Hopefully they’ll implement some better functionality.