MyRogers for iPhone Can Now Manage Your Family’s Share Everything Plan Data


Rogers has updated their MyRogers iPhone app today, to now add the ability for users to manage their family’s data on your Share Everything Plan. The app now allows you to manage and view data usage for each family line under your plan.

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Aside from this addition, minor bug fixes are also part of the update.

Rogers customers have given the app an average two out of five star rating in iTunes, complaining of bugs and inability to pay bills within the app.

Click here to download MyRogers for iPhone in the App Store.


  • karinatwork

    I’m confused. I was already able to see how much each family member used with the “old” app…

  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    Yeah, I can see that info and I haven’t updated the app yet…

  • Dany Quirion

    you can now manage and distruibute how much data each person can have

  • skydivertak

    They seem to have made the data usage “Real Time” now, and the app allows you to set data alerts for each user on the plan. These alerts go to one person who is a “data manager”. You can even switch off/on data access for an individual user.
    They also have made it easier to temporarily add data for the month if it looks like you will go over.
    No need to depend on my DataMan app to track this now…

  • karinatwork

    If that’s true, then that’s really nifty. Can’t wait to try it out!