NAVIGON North America for iOS Holiday Sale: $39.99 (33% Off)


If you’ve been eyeing NAVIGON North America for your iPhone or iPad, the app has just went on sale for $39.99, which is $20 off its regular price of $59.99 (33% off).

For Canadian snowbirds or those venturing down South for the holidays, this turns your iPhone or iPad into a standalone GPS without the need for a data plan. NAVIGON is a fantastic GPS for your iPhone as we love it and so do many of you out there.

Also on sale is NAVIGON Canada, at $32.99, which is a savings of $17 (34% off). 


Remember, if your iTunes Account has been funded by 20% off cards, you’re essentially saving an additional 20% off these already discounted prices (that brings NAVIGON North America down to about $32).

These sale prices match the previous NAVIGON sale back in September when the apps were updated or iOS 7. So if you missed out back then, this is your chance to jump on them.

Download links: NAVIGON North America ($39.99); NAVIGON Canada ($32.99)


  • Anon

    How long is this sale on for?

  • Not really sure, but when we find out we’ll update this post.

  • Andrew Bee

    But it has so many bad reviews.

  • Check the comments in our previous post about a former Navigon app sale. Those readers like the app.

  • rrosales

    I haven’t used it a lot but I like it already! I paid $29.99 During their Black Friday sale using my discounted store credit. So it’s like I only paid $24 for this app.

  • Nice!