Redesigned Google Maps for iPhone, iPad, Coming this Summer [PICS]


Google has announced at its 2013 I/O developer conference it has revamped Google Maps for the desktop, plus mobile, which means new designs are coming for the iPhone version plus a dedicated native iPad version (which was used in a demo).

Screen Shot 2013 05 15 at 11 30 01 AM

Screen Shot 2013 05 15 at 11 29 44 AM

The next version of Google Maps will expand live traffic incident reports and accidents around the world. Check out the preview video below:

At this point in time, I have no idea how Apple Maps will ever reach the detail of Google Maps, unless the impossible happens.


  • i agree, google is so far ahead of everyone else in mapping it’s scary, maybe Apple needs to go back to google maps and make it the native map app.

  • I thought Apple Maps was awesome until I tried to navigate Vancouver, BC…I resorted to Google Maps (groan) and had a much better experience getting around with my rental car. I’d like to see the option to select a default Maps app in iOS 7.

  • That’s funny, I used apple maps while I was in Vancouver and it did a fine job. I guess the maps slogan should be “mileage may vary”

  • Yeah, it’s basically an impossible war to win. Google has such a massive lead Apple might as well just give up and call it quits. They’d save a tonne of money. But I feel if they go back to Google Maps…we’d start all over again in the “we want it this way” war.

  • Ditto. Google Maps is pretty phenomenal. I can’t remember the last time I used Apple Maps.

  • YMMV

  • wuju

    I hope Google map has the ability to select address from your phone book now. I big negative on the current state of the app. Unless I’m missing something??

  • OliChabot

    Love the way Google is so ”fair” with Apple. They give us their map app and much more, and they even use iPads in their presentations. One thing Apple would simply never do…