NHL Game Center Live Slashed to $49.99, Watch from Any iOS Device or Apple TV


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The NHL lockout is over but the league is trying to win back the hearts and minds of its fans. The shortened 48-game season starts this Saturday and if you want to catch all the action live from your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, Android, PC, Boxee, PS3, Roku XBOX 360 and Sony device as NHL Game Center Live has been ‘discounted’ to only $49.99 for 2013.

Compared to last year, NHL Game Center Live cost around $175 for the entire season. It allows you to watch live streaming of every game from any device, along with replays and more. So from that standpoint, this is a somewhat lukewarm ‘deal’ as it’ll be just over $1 per game to watch live NHL hockey from any iOS device or Apple TV.

There are caveats though. Streaming of games, while available in HD-like quality depends on your bandwidth. Also, there are local blackouts, so for example if the Canucks game is on TV, you won’t be able to watch it in Vancouver via Game Center Live. However, many online have noted those with paid VPN services can bypass local blackouts. Also, Game Center will auto-renew so if you’re not going to subscribe for next year, you’ll need to call in to manually cancel after this season.

The updated NHL Game Center Live app should hit the App Store today. Anyone going to sign up for this?

Update: the 2013 update is starting to propagate in the App Store (via @acerace113):

nhl game center 2013


  • crosseyed_mofo

    hmmmm if the habs make the playoffs* this could be interdasting to watch em on my bermuda trip where wifi is strongest on the beach, lifeproof for ipad here i come


  • buzz

    As a Canucks fan in Calgary, I’ll grab it. Sure.. with all the 20% off iTunes cards I collected over the past few months, it’s a $40 deal for me.

  • That would be awesome (not the part about the Habs).

  • The app is a free download but I believe you need to purchase the subscription outside of iTunes? Unless there’s an in-app purchase option. Either way, smart thinking Buzz.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    hence my asterix, its okay to be self deprecating YA know?

    actually nobody should get this service, bettman should be offering it for free after what transpired this year

  • Hehe yes of course.

  • Myagi!

    Anyone understand why blackouts are still an issue when there’s such a growing percentage of people who don’t have TV subscriptions?!

  • jordandev

    Local blackouts kills this

  • FYI… heard of a service called unblock us that you can use to eliminate blackouts that works right on your apple tv…

  • kenchernoff

    I made a promise to myself not to invest a single penny into anything NHL related until at LEAST next season, and this isn’t anywhere near an enticement to change that. Some of the teams themselves have bene making some decent “make-good” efforts to fans, but so far the League is falling well short.

  • wahgee

    Blackouts are ridiculous when trying to win back fans!!!

  • Dave

    Would this subscription include the playoffs?

  • The only thing that concerns me is “HD-like quality”.

  • Any web streaming video has its issues due to bandwidth. The Canucks Live app last year was based on Game Center streams. The quality was excellent on my iPad.

  • Good enough for me. I was just scared it would max out at a poor resolution.

  • ticky13

    Because the whole point of having them blacked out is to force you to get cable to watch your team play. That’s why the networks pays millions of dollars a year for the rights.

  • Yep

  • crosseyed_mofo

    I bit the bullet for a few upcoming trips, its an in app purchase, buzz should be good to go

  • sandy

    Neither GCL or center ice have the playoffs due in large part to the deal the league signed with NBC, so you might have to find someone with a sling box or get a pirate stream

  • Celina Dion