[Update] Official Google Books iPhone App Now Live


Update 1: Google Books works in Canada via the use of Hotspot Shield for iPhone’s free VPN. Thanks for the test, 4wallz.

Earlier last week we wrote about Google Editions, the bookstore coming from Google to compete with Apple’s iBooks and Amazon. There is now an official Google Books iPhone (and iPad) app live in the US App Store (click here to learn how to open a US iTunes account) and the bookstore is now open for business…

…but of course, not in Canada–yet (insert sad face).

Google eBooks: The Largest ebook Store on the Planet

From the WSJ:

Mr. Turvey said that all of the country’s major publishers are participating in Google eBooks, which means the Google e-book store will have a full complement of competitively priced best-sellers. It will also contain a wide array of scholarly, scientific and professional titles that may not be available elsewhere, making it “the largest e-book store on the planet,” said Scott Dougall, a Google product management director. Google eBooks will become available outside the U.S. starting in the first quarter of 2011.

Google eBooks will have a much larger inventory than Apple and Amazon. Currently paid books aren’t available in Canada, but you can still download free public domain books and Google ebooks.

Here’s what Pride and Prejudice looks like within Google Books:

iTunes description:

The Google Books app offers access to over 2 million Google eBooks on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Take your favorite books with you on the go.

Great Reading Experience

– Change font, search within book, information about book
– Night-reading mode
– Offline reading mode

Discover Millions of Titles

– Millions of books in every imaginable category, from New York Times bestsellers to favorite classics
– Over 2 million free ebooks available instantly
– Over 400,000 ebooks for purchase
– Free preview pages
– Unlimited storage of books in the digital cloud
– Worry-free archive

Syncs With Your Google Books Library

– Find books at and add them to the ‘My Google eBooks’ shelf to sync
– Access all your ebooks wirelessly from the digital cloud; no dedicated e-reading device required
– Automatic page position synching across devices — pick up reading where you left off

It’s too bad this service isn’t available yet in Canada, but when Google Books does launch in other countries I’ll be looking forward to it.

What do you think? Excited for Google Books?

[Google Books – US App Store]


  • Anonymous

    If you want access to all the eBooks from the Google store on your Canadian iPhone… install the HotSpotShield VPN and then connect to the eBook store. Works like a charm!

    Hotspot Shield for iPhone

  • Anonymous

    i hate the fact that we’re always last at everything in canada. its such an annoyance! we werent even hit with as hard a recession as the US and yet we still dont get luxurious “features” faster 😛 (i.e. liek he damn samsung tv app thats been released in the US MONTHS ago, but hastn yet shown up in canada)

  • Noahattic

    i hate this, too 🙁

    But LATE is always better than NEVER….. thinking of online shopping has no chance to improve in Canada….getting a great app from US app store sounds much much better!!

  • Anonymous

    Your not a jealous neighbor are you? 😛

  • Chrome262

    I could care less, kobo and amazon have great book selection. and some publishers i like sell direct and work on the ibook, eReader, Kindle, as well. The truth is, anyone can compete effectively against iBook, only because everyone else is cheaper. Most books run 3 to 4 dollars more on iBook. Thats one of the few things i hate about apple, it basically caters to customers who are well off. I can’t afford their products usually. The only advantage, is the scientific material, for google. it will boost their numbers, and if offers journals that could be a big deal for University students, research centers, and institutions.

  • I have downloaded a few Google books but I had to convert them to the kindle format. Where do I save these books on my Droid DX so I can read them in the Kindle application?

  • Essequamvideri7

    Okay, I am able too access the eBook store but not the Google Book app. Am I able to download the books from the store without the app?

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