PayPal for iPhone Updated to Support Touch ID for Logins


PayPal has updated their iPhone app to now support Touch ID for logins. Upon launching the app, you will be required to enter your password, which will then bring up prompts to enable Touch ID. All you need to do is verify your fingerprint and boom—it’ll be setup.

IMG 3257 IMG 3258

What’s New in Version 5.11.5

– Use your phone’s Touch ID to log into the PayPal app.
– We’re fixing bugs as fast as we find them. If you see any, let us know.

Unfortunately, the app does not have screen support for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus yet, so the app remains ‘fuzzy’.

Click here to download PayPal for iPhone in the App Store.


  • Cornfed710

    Thanks, it’s awesome.

  • I’d like the app to have an option where it requires Touch ID again when I reopen it. Because right now, it stays signed in.

  • Cornfed710

    Good point, that’d be great.

  • Okay, looks like that feature is there. It just requires a short timeout period before Touch ID pops up again.

  • Doesn’t work for me. When I login there is no prompt to enable TouchID. There is nothing in settings either. I have iPhone 6, IOS 8.1.2, PayPal v5.11.5.