Paytm for iOS Launches in Canada to Make Bill Payments



Paytm, India’s largest mobile payments and commerce platform, has today announced the launch of its new iOS app for Canadians, which allows them to pay for their cellphone, cable, internet, electricity and water bills. They can even use it to pay insurance and property taxes.

The new Paytm Canada app can send bill reminders up to 10 days prior to the estimated due date, whereas the service debits your money only after your bill is paid.

This is just the beginning. We’ll soon expand our services by add a full lineup of new use-cases that will make life easier for consumers. The Mayor of Toronto Mr. John Tory dropped by our headquarters in Noida to grace us with his presence today. Below is a picture from the launch event.


Here are some of the main features of the Paytm Canada app:

  1. Pay Canadian Bills: Paytm Canada helps you make secure and seamless bill payments for thousands of service providers across Canada.
  2. Bill Reminders: A bill reminder will show up 10 days prior to the estimated due date. You will receive multiple reminders until you pay your bill or notify us to stop.
  3. 100% Service Assurance: Paytm Canada debits your money only after your bill is paid.

By paying your bills with a credit card, you can take advantage of loyalty points or cash back benefits of your card, instead of doing a direct payment from online banking.

The Paytm Canada app is now live in the App Store. You can grab it for free using the following link:

Download Paytm Canada for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link] use our referral code PTM6121249 and you’ll get $10 when you complete your first $50 bill payment.


  • bbousquet

    FYI: “We are working very hard to include every Canadian province, specifically Quebec. We hope to open Paytm up to Quebec users in the coming months.”

  • Steve

    Why would anyone use a third party app in a different country supplying sensitive personal information when you can pay directly though your current bank

  • bbousquet

    Only benefit to using this (assuming this is a “clean” company) is the ability to pay most bills using a credit card (including ones you cannot normally pay that way), thus getting points/rewards.

  • AcrossAbove

    What the author of this article has failed to clarify is that, Paytm is a wallet and a payment interface – akin to PayPal. With more websites supporting Paytm as a payment option eventually, one has an option of using Paytm as a single mode of payment, rather than disclosing their credit card details on unknown websites.

    Also, Paytm Canada is not based in a different country, Paytm India is based in a different country i.e. India.


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  • mrideas

    Basically from what I see in the app it lets me pay my property taxes and hydro bill with my credit card whereas both charged an outrageous fee to pay them either on their own websites or through another 3rd party. Virtually every other bill I could think of they didn’t have listed. It’s an interesting concept. It needs some UI work though. You can easily enter a credit card number with a pop up number keyboard but the same can’t be said for your bill payment accounts numbers though. Weird. I see using this to pay my property taxes but only to accumulate credit card rewards. So like 4 times a year. Definitely not a day to day bill payment app. They don’t seem to be charging fees yet but appears they will likely be charging $0.50/payment as that was charged and waived on the payment screen.

  • Brew

    ???? Steve: my Bank ( who i trust) has an Apps that does it

  • Steve

    LOL, someone gets it ????

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Yeah, we’re always last. That’s when we’re included ????