Pizza Pizza Apple Watch App Launches, Brings Ordering to your Wrist


For Pizza Pizza customers that own an Apple Watch, ordering is going to get even more convenient as the former’s iOS app has been updated to support the latest wearable from Apple.

The app will allow you to do the following from Apple Watch:

  • Order Pizzas and more from our Quick Menu
  • Reorder your Last Order
  • Reorder your Favourites
  • Track your Club 11-11
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The app was developed by Plastic Mobile (also behind the app) and has seen overall downloads past 500,000 since it launched in 2011. Pizza Pizza has over 730 locations across Canada, and also operates Pizza 73 locations:

“We have been on the forefront of innovation since we started delivering pizzas back in 1967,” said Paul Goddard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pizza Pizza Limited. “Apple Watch represents the next wave of convenient solutions for our customers, and we are thrilled to be part of this evolution.”

Your Apple Watch will also show the 40-minute delivery guarantee countdown timer so you know when to expect your pizza.

Just be sure to stand for a few minutes afterwards when the Apple Watch’s Activity app says you’ve been sitting down for too long, stuffing your face full of pizza.

Click here to download Pizza Pizza for iOS—let us know how you like their Apple Watch app.


  • Tim M

    If you can afford an Apple Watch, you can afford better than Pizza Pizza

  • Ba-da bing!

  • MGSayah

    Damn, now that’s a statement 😛

  • sukisszoze

    Really..we are too lazy to take the phone out of our pocket, reach across the table or walk across the room to grab the phone and have to do it on our wrist?!? The pizza app should tie into your home lock so the door can unlock automatically because the app sent a one time code to unlock the door..the delivery guy will then bring the pizza to you and open up the box. You won’t need to pay because your credit card is on file..just like Uber..Pizza guy leaves, door locks automatically..ha.ha.

  • The situation you are describing could happen very soon…Netflix bingers would definitely subscribe to this customized butler service!