Quick Key Launches: Teachers, Mark Tests with iPhone Camera Today


For teachers still working in paper-based classrooms, Quick Key Mobile has finally launched and it aims to change the way you mark your tests and quizzes forever. We previously covered Quick Key back in June when it was still in development, created by Walter Duncan, a middle school teacher who has now dedicated his job to Quick Key.

What does Quick Key do?

Quick Key turns your phone into an optical scanner to grade quizzes, tests, and surveys on paper, up to 30 questions long. Then, Quick Key allows you to run analytics right on your phone, then upload the data to your electronic grade book.

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Quick Key is free to use. Teachers sign up on their website, where they’ll get access to the free QuickTicket, a customized ‘scantron’ that can be easily graded with the app via your iPhone’s camera.

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An issue some teachers may question is privacy when it comes to student data since grades will be uploaded to the Quick Key website. One could create nicknames for students or only rely on new student numbers to make data anonymous. Duncan explains an SSL certificate secures all data moving from your iPhone to the server, which is encrypted and secured through their host, Heroku.

I have a lot of elementary and middle school teacher friends who will make good use of an app like Quick Key.

Click here to download Quick Key–it’s free. Teachers–let us know what you think of this app!




  • Jason

    They are already testing in a handful of school the use of tablets in the classroom. its only a matter of time before each student is required to purchase and a tablet, or be provided one in order to do most of the school work.

  • tony

    As a student, i think this invention is very neat and could possibly be the ground layer of many other advances in the future. However, teachers in Ontario are ALWAYS complaining about how they are not getting paid enough because of the amount of work they do. HELLO you guys basically weekends off, all holidays, christmas break, March break and ATLEAST a month in the summer. They say they don’t get those time off (weekends and breaks) cause they’re always marking or making new lessons
    1. well with this new app and concept it will significantly reduce the time for marking.
    2. All the lessons they “plan” do not require planning at all actually. They’re the same guidelines and plans from the previous year. To make matters worse, they use the SAME tests and quizzes too, so students can ask older students for the tests in the subject which they took in the previous year for answers.
    Well with this app out now, they have even more time on their hands. A little off topic in regards to this site but Honestly I think they should just all shut up and quit asking for raises cause these highschool teachers dont do as much teaching as you think. Just my 2 cents.

  • As with anything, there are rotten apples in every bunch. Not all teachers take the easy route and re-teach the same lessons, tests and quizzes year after year. Some actually try to keep things fresh and launch new projects, have various versions of tests and more. Despite what students think, teachers deal with a lot of paperwork when it comes to grading student work. For those that also take time outside of school to coach or run clubs, that means less time for marking.

    Just consider the massive task of an English teacher who needs to mark essays from 8 different English classes of 30 students. Right there that’s 40 hours alone at 10 minutes per essay. Scantrons can’t be used in those types of classes. I get what you’re saying, some teachers are lazy but for the most part many make do with the time, resources and materials they have.

  • everybody_knows

    um… as a professor who grades papers every weekend, stays current in the literature, runs 2 international projects, publishes papers, advises several grad students, and spent my 20’s and early 30’s working at what was effective below minimum wage producing fresh knowledge for you, I would suggest that your opinion of what goes in to being a professor is a bit uninformed.

    Maybe you should have studied a little harder. You would have made it into a better school.