Real Racing 3 Players Have Completed Over 1.7 Billion Races


RR3 Banner July2013 723x250

EA has announced since the release of its Prestige Update for Real Racing 3, which introduced new cars from Mercedez-Benz and Bentley (plus a new time trial mode), over 75 % of players have updated to the latest version and are racing more than ever.

The company has revealed over 1.7 billion races have been completed to date with 16 million races being finished daily. The game now has over 55 cars and over 1,000 events to choose from. The Prestige update was released in early July.

Real Racing 3 launched under a new freemium model in March and in less than a week the game surpassed combined downloads of its first two versions, jumping to the number one spot in 90 countries in the App Store. Click here to read our review of the game.

Real Racing 3 is available for free in the App Store. How far are you into the game?


  • Tyler P

    I got about a days time into the game until the last update. I was fine waiting for cars to ship or having to pay for damage but limiting me to 3 races before paying or waiting is crazy. I haven’t played the game since.

  • Chrome262

    Not a fan of EA, back when xbox live started they didn’t want to let any of their sports games online, because MS wouldn’t agree to them blocking older versions of the game online. They are all about the cash, to a point where they it means more then keeping old customers.

  • The game is fun. I have just lost interest in the game, due to the time commitment.