Realmac Software Announces Clear for Mac, Launching Nov. 8th


The to do app Clear launched with immense hype back in February (check out this HTML5 replica) due to its innovative and simplistic interface. The app was very easy to use but one problem made me stop using the app–the lack of cloud syncing for to do notes. I got tired of always having to refer to my iPhone to see what was on my list whenever I was on my iPad or Mac (I’ve moved onto Wunderlist).

To finally solve this Realmac Software has announced Clear for Mac:

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work on the next big update to Clear. Along with an update to Clear for iPhone with iCloud, we’re also today announcing a new member of the Clear family: Clear for Mac!

Clear for Mac and iPhone + iCloud will be launching on Thursday November 8th, and we’ve put together a little video to show off the new app.

Check out the video below:

Anyone out there still using Clear?


  • exaro

    CLEAR was one of those products with potential until Apple brought out its own version. REMINDERS fills the same need, works flawlessly with iCloud and is included in iOS/OS-X. While CLEAR is pretty, I’m not prepared to lay-out $17 for a redundant app that may or may not perform as well. Developers need to offer time-limited trial versions of their software if they want to convince us their products are worth the expenditure and not just eye-candy.

  • anon

    The default reminders app is also compatible with Siri, which is a major plus.

  • Farids

    Clear had good user interface, but it was incomplete for what I need.The task manager/Reminder I need, has to be able to access my contacts(various groups, including “clients”), their number and address. I make appointments with clients, call them to confirm and navigate to their address to perform on-site service. I have used and tried out many reminder and calendar apps throughout my 4 years of owning iPhones. Currently(and I’ve found it to be the best, so far), I’m using WeekCal and loving it. It has a wonderful “Mini Month” view which shows the tasks (in writing, like the iPad calendar) on the calendar, even in portrait mode. It inputs the info, number and address, into iOS calendar and takes advantage of iPhone’s reminder notification.