RIM Launches BlackBerry Mobile Fusion iOS App


RIM announced last November they had plans to support iOS with their BlackBerry Mobile Fusion platform. Now, they have launched the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion app in the App Store. The service will allow IT staff to manage your iPhone, as the Financial Post reports:

Using a single Web-based console, IT staff will be able to manage any mobile device based on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry OS as well as the company’s highly anticipated still forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. Additional new features include the ability to support more than one device per user (i.e. an employee’s BlackBerry smartphone and iPad tablet) and manage individual applications or pieces of software.

iTunes description below:

This solution from Research In Motion® lets you use your mobile device at work to help keep you connected with the information you need to keep business moving ahead. Once activated, administrators can deliver configurations, policies, Wi-Fi® and VPN settings to your device to help keep work information like email, calendar and contact information synchronized and secure. They can also provide you with access to your organization’s optional mobile apps that you can download and install on your device.

Mobile Fusion pricing starts at $99 US per user or $4 US/user per month, but a 60 day free trial is available. RIM also announced some milestones in their world of apps, but of course it does not compare to the App Store:

  • 21% increase in BlackBerry smartphone apps
  • 89% increase in BBM connected apps
  • 240% increase in PlayBook apps submitted to App World

Just recently RIM had a job posting looking for an experienced senior iOS developer, to continue support for Mobile Fusion. RIM’s latest disappointing quarterly earnings also revealed a shake up in their executive team, with numerous departures including co-founder Jim Basillie ‘retiring’ from the board of directors.

Wait, no BBM for iOS yet? 😉


  • djepsilon

    “…as well as the company’s highly anticipated still forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform”.

    Uhh… highly anticipated by who?

  • *crickets*

  • Networx

    $99 per user????!!! This better be the best MDM solution on the face of the earth at that price.  Guess I won’t be getting it to manage the 250+ iPhones in the school board I work for.  Back to the Apple Configurator for me.

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    *crickets* *crickets*

  • Mr. Garrison

    looks like a piece of shit

  • it’s about the same price compared to other similar solutions…
    Apple Configurator does not allow you to do the same thing… it’s automated like what RIM and other companies are offering.

  • Greed

    whats  $99 US per user or $4 US/user per month??
    you pay an initial fee of 99$ or $4/month? that doesnt make any sense.


    Hey Gary, maybe put some references or sources.

    and secondly, why would any company pay for this? Android is better easier and cheaper to build a custom rom for a large corportation. aand I wouldn’t bring my own device to work, just to have them install this so they can watch everything i do on my phone.

  • I really don’t understand why some people are complaining for something that will not even see in their life…

    Price is correct in the text… See for the official press release.

    By the way, 99$ is the price of a cal for a bes server… To me it looks logical to sell cal for the new product at the same price if RIM wants every companies to eventually switch to the new platform.

    This product is not geared for “bring your own device” companies… This product is for those companies that need a complete control over their users’s devices… And those companies are most likely to give phones to their employees…