Rogers Brings Live UEFA Soccer to Anyplace Live TV iPhone App


For soccer fans, Rogers has announced the launch of exclusive live access to non-televised and taped delayed European football to Rogers customers, with the ability to stream games from the Rogers Anyplace Live TV iPhone app (formerly known as Rogers Live):

“At Rogers we are passionate about world-class sports and along with millions of Canadians, we love to take in the action in real-time, wherever we are,” said Anthony Antonelli, senior director, sports and on demand services, Rogers Communications. “Soccer is one of the most thrilling sports to watch live, and now our customers can catch multiple international league matches live at one time, on the device of their choice.”

The app is a free download, but a $5/month charge will be required to bring 5 hours of viewing (with overages charged at $1/hour/month). The iOS app provides the details on how to subscribe:

This fee is prompted when selecting an eligible title or you can subscribe upfront within the “My Services” section of the application. To unsubscribe, go to “Settings>Account” and click the “Unsubscribe” button.

A current promotion offers unlimited overages until April 30th, 2013 (the app description states Oct. 31st, but it needs to be updated). The app works on all iPhones and works over 3G or WiFi, with the former required to authenticate your subscription. Current reviews of the app in iTunes indicate the app requires improvement as some users have been frustrated it does not work properly.


Click here to download the Rogers Anyplace Live TV iPhone App. Anyone currently subscribing to this? Bell customers have a similar app to watch live TV and sports.


  • ojamali

    Hi Gary, The service is Free if you subscribe to any of the new Value Packs. I am on the $ 12.79 iPhone value pack and it includes both Rogers Anyplace TV On-Demand and Rogers Anyplace TV Live.

    – Call Display With Name Display
    – Visual Voicemail
    – Rogers Anyplace TV Live + On Demand (New)
    – 100 US & International text messages

    – Ringbacks (Bonus Feature — $ 1 plan)

    Also the limit is 5 hours for Live TV only (Wifi/3G/LTE). Data used over 3G or LTE does not come out of your regular data allowance. Anyplace TV On-Demand is Free for unlimited use. Data consumed over 3G/LTE comes out of your data allowance.
    I had to call Rogers Customer Care to have them add the SOC code for the free Rogers Anyplace TV Live otherwise the app was giving me a message to subscribe for $ 5/month for 5 hrs. They had to remove the service from my account and then re-add it to for the SOC code to show up. This means I need to record my VoiceMail Greeting again. Not a big deal really.
    According to all the agents I spoke to they said overages on TV Live are waived till Oct 31st only. However, their website shows under the “See Full Details” section that it is waived till April 30th, 2013.
    Overage charges of $1/hr apply if usage exceeds 5 hours in month. Overage charges waived until April 30, 2013
    End Quote
    No one at Rogers has been able to confirm this. One agent said to go by what their website says and the other agent said to go by what they see on their system which is Oct 31st.
    Gary: can you confirm that Rogers has extended the overage waiver till April 30th?

  • Cool thanks for the update!

    The April 2013 date is mentioned in the press released, which we linked to in the first sentence of the article.