Rogers GameCentre LIVE Access Found Inside Latest NHL for iOS App [u]


If you’ve been searching for the standalone NHL GameCentre iOS app, it’s no longer available but rather now built into the NHL iOS app, which received an update a couple days ago.

For Rogers GameCentre LIVE users, the NHL app also is the portal to access the live streaming service, which will feature Game Plus access exclusively for Rogers customers.

The NHL iOS app now prominently displays the Rogers logo upon launching (the benefits of paying $5.2 billion for rights to the league). To sign into GameCentre, you need to visit the Settings menu and tap on Rogers Sign-in.

IMG 0348 IMG 0349

Some users unaware of the new Rogers NHL deal have left negative reviews in the App Store for the app, particularly those who were on auto-renew GameCentre plans, as they have been charged the new higher price of $200 for the season.

The updated NHL app isn’t bad actually, as it’s easy to view replays and follow your favourite team with various push notification options.

Also, the App Store is featuring a section dedicated to downloading apps for all the teams in the league. Click here to visit that featured page.

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Click here to download NHL for iOS. Let us know how you like it. Puck drop for the start of the season is tonight!

Update: VPN users can get GameCentre for $99US by using a service such as Unblock US (thanks Speedracer99).


  • speedracer99

    Use “Unblock US” and get Game Centre Live in the US for $99.00, Yep you heard right! $100 cheaper then Rogers!!

  • Nice! I hear Mother Russia can offer NHL GameCentre for $75, even cheaper, via VPN as well.

  • Corey Beazer

    Is Rogers running this app? I’d be worried if they are, judging by how much their other apps break or just don’t ever work.

  • GriGri

    Not to mention that when you get the US version you are not affected by game blackouts. The other bonus is not letting Rogers win on their hockey monopoly and gouging tactics.

    They know that TML hockey (mostly) is the only reason a good portion of people are hanging on to their ridiculously bloated cable packages and that they are starting to look for alternatives on the net. Cable is dying slowly and they see it coming, which is why they had to do everything they could to get their claws around as much hockey as they can, even if they have to collude with their own competition.

    As a family we decided we don’t really need cable anymore and cut it off over a year ago. Now I have more interesting and active things to do for the time sitting on the couch, but for the odd show we might want to follow, there’s the net.

    The fact is cable is way, way overpriced and filled with mostly crap and the only thing I look forward to is hockey so I’ll pay for the US subscription and Unblock US and encourage more people to do the same.

  • Nafizur

    $99 USD plus $49.9 (4.99*10months) = $148.9USD = $165.91. is it still worth it? they are offering it free til dec 31. i’m sure after that the price will be aroudn 149CND

  • leafstom

    Does anyone know how to unsubscribe? I think I have to call customer service. Which is a long and tedious process.

    My free trial was pretty easy to login.

  • Oumax99

    How do you sign in on Apple TV?

  • Brad

    Thie new app has way less functionality than last seasons app! What a royal screw up. Never trade looks for features. Also has anyone figured out how to rearrange the bottom bar? I’d rather have league leaders in the bottom bar

  • NoOneCares

    Wow that was painful! The app installed with the default NHL branding and of course, nowhere on the Rogers site does it mention that you need to go into preferences to find the Rogers login. And I found it very frustrating that the site never mentioned that we were supposed to be waiting for an updated version of the app – just said download the app – with an icon that had no link and no name for the app. This is not the way to get average people to sign up – I do this shit for a living and I couldn’t have found it without this article – thanks Gary!

  • K0Man

    Rogers is pulling their old BS tricks again. Tried to sign in (been a wireless customer for almost a decade) but didn’t work. Called customer service and they said my plan didn’t qualify as it wasn’t “in-market”. I’m on one of their 6GB/$30 plans with a year left on contract. CSR claims he’s never heard of such an awesome plan and that I should really be paying more like $100/6GB on their new “share everything” (including the feeling you’ve just been corn-holed) plans. My brother has same plan and his account login works fine. WTF Rogers!?!?

  • Jimbeau

    Don’t you still need to sign in to the app with a Rogers MyAccount or something?

  • Tim M

    you’ve heard correctly

  • Tim M

    yup, $75 USD in Russia.