New Save-On-Foods App Needed for iOS 11 as Older Version Axed [u]


For shoppers on the west coast, Save-On-Foods only lets you buy in-store deals if you have a More Rewards card. The company had an older app in the App Store, but that version is no longer supported, now directing customers to download the latest one.

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Customers using this older version will require to download the latest version of the Save-On-Foods app, available in the App Store.

This newer version allows users to:

· Create your personalized shopping cart
· Order groceries online
· View the latest Save-On-Foods flyer
· Browse past purchases
· Browse store categories
· Scan product barcodes
· Track receipts digitally
· Find the nearest Save-On-Foods location
· Sign up to receive promotional emails

Lacking is Wallet support, which would allow customers to easily add their More Rewards card and access it from the iPhone Home screen.

If you thought you’d lose access to your More Rewards card on iPhone in iOS 11, this app will bring your card back to life.

Update: This app will require a new account to be created, as your old More Rewards login will not work here. #SMH

Click here to download Save-On-Foods for iOS in the App Store.


  • Timrules

    Still no Wallet support … WTH?

  • jabohn

    I encountered this problem when I first installed the public beta. I had no idea there was a newer app. By chance, I decided to do a search and I stumbled across the new version. They could have at least given people notice that the old app was no longer being developed, or made the new version overwrite the old one. I even had to sign up all over again as my credentials on the old app didn’t work.

  • Yes. I only saw this message today when I used the app. I thought I was the only one whose credentials failed, but now I see this is a big SNAFU on their part.

  • Riddlemethis

    I’ll still use my Save On Rewards card. I haven’t redeemed anything in a very long time though mainly because of very poor offerings. However, I have redeemed many times my PC Points app via Superstore, Loblaws, No Frills.

  • Olley

    Save on don’t make those handy reward key tags anymore, if yours is all worn out and hard to read, they’ll give you a new credit card size card and that’s it. I wrote to customer service and they confirmed it as they did not make those key tags anymore in order to save on plastic. WTF. very very sad to hear.