Scotiabank for iOS Updated, Says Apple Pay “Coming Soon” [u]


BMO updated their iPhone app the other day to tease Apple Pay was “coming soon”, and this morning Scotiabank did the same.

Updated: Scotiabank Apple Pay terms and conditions now appear when trying to add a card. Also, Scotiabank for iPad got this same Apple Pay update.

What’s New in Version 16.5.0
Apple Pay is coming soon. Please update to the latest version of the mobile banking app.

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It looks like Scotiabank will use their banking app to verify cards for Apple Pay, similar to what is expected from TD Canada Trust.

Yesterday we told you TD employees have started to receive training and documentation on Apple Pay, so we can expect the “mid-June” launch to come anytime now, probably before WWDC 2016 begins.

Scotiabank, along with TD and BMO are the last three of the ‘Big 5’ Canadian banks to bring forth Apple Pay, as CIBC and RBC launched Visa, MasterCard and debit support just over two weeks ago.

Who’s excited for Apple Pay to launch at Scotiabank?

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Thanks everybody!


  • Scouse@Large

    Scotia T&C now appear when attempting to add a card

  • Thanks

  • Nick

    Tried to add my Scotia Scene Debit, still says issuer not supported

  • Guest

    Maybe they’re a lot closer to release than we think.

  • mxmgodin

    Yay! 😀
    (well… I’ll still have to get a new phone to use Apple Pay. Still rocking my 5S 😛 I’ll be able to use it for in-app purchases on my iPad, though!)

  • Do you have an Apple Watch?

  • mxmgodin

    No. I wasn’t really convinced by it. Maybe I’ll get on board when they release a second iteration, but for now I don’t really need/want one.

  • Anialation

    I tried to add mine and now it says my card isn’t supported but no longer says the issuer is not supported. I also the Scene debit card.

  • Henry Gan

    Hopfully by Monday 🙂

  • Anialation

    My guess is Tuesday since they launched to the other banks on a Tuesday. It’s usually best to give staff a day after the weekend to get back into things before launching something like this. Monday’s suck for launches like this.

  • Corrode

    No change for Tangerine MC, fyi.

  • mxmgodin

    Yeah, new banks are usually added to Apple Pay on Tuesdays. I just took a look at 9to5Mac’s history, and the last 3-4 “X new U.S. banks added to Apple Pay” articles were all added on Tuesdays, so was the Canadian launch with CIBC and RBC.

  • mxmgodin

    What card was that, just by curiosity? Debit or credit, Scene, etc.?

  • Scouse@Large

    Credit… Scotia Amex Gold card…

    It contacts card issuer (Scotia, not Amex) no problem, pulls up T&C.
    Upon clicking “Agree”, it goes through a few more seconds of setting up and adding card, then displays:

    “Card Not Added”
    Contact your card issuer for more information

  • Z S

    Soon, Scotiabank… soon…

  • Update: launch in “several weeks” for remaining banks

  • lol

  • mxmgodin

    Looks like everything is in place, justnhave to turn on the switch on their side.

  • iTeodoro

    Can’t wait!!!! ????