Scotiabank for iOS Gets iMessage Extension for Interac e-Transfers


Scotiabank has updated their iOS app to support sending money via iMessage to friends and family. The update brings support for an iMessage extension to allow for seamless Interac e-Transfers directly in your messages, without the need to launch the bank’s iOS app to initiate fund transfers.

Once you’ve installed today’s Scotiabank update, head to the iMessage App Store and ensure the app is installed. If you already have Scotiabank for iOS installed, it’ll ask you to enable Touch ID for the iMessage extension to work.

Here are a couple screenshots of what the process looks like:

Scotiabank imessage Scotiabank imessage 2

Scotiabank imessage pic

Looks like Scotiabank is the first big bank in Canada to support iMessage extensions for sending Interac e-Transfers. Let us know if you’re going to try this out!

Click here to download Scotiabank for iOS in the App Store.


  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Would be nice now if they stop charge $1.50 per eInterac transaction like RBC.

  • Sly C

    Looking forward to the rest joining this party. TD will probably be last since you can still not update security questions with each transaction.

  • Sarge

    BMO just announced free e-transfers for all accounts this morning

  • Mr Dog

    This is very neat 😀

  • mrideas

    Stopped today actually. You get two free per account depending on the account. It changed as of March 1st.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    RBC or SB? I have SB and I have received no news on this.

  • mrideas

    Scotiabank. It was part of their service charge change announcement end of December. Would likely be a notification you received in your online inbox. That’s where I saw it personally. 2 free per month per qualifying account it appears.

  • Mrleblanc

    Genius !

  • TwitchyPuppy


    If both persons have an Apple device..

  • dkpreet

    Well it still performs the transfer using the email. They just included the App into iMessage so that you do not have to close message app in order to open the scotia app and then transfer.

  • Greg Pajak

    yea, unless i am doing something wrong the imessage screenshot is wrong. it still sends it via email, and just texts the recipient to check their email. doesn’t allow for direct depositing through imessage. (as far as I can see)

  • Sofiène

    I’m having trouble using this feature. It says that i have no connection even though i’m connected to my wi-fi, what can i do ?

  • Hussain

    recipient doesn’t need to be on iOS

  • Kate

    How’s that? Since iMessage is Apple specific.