Scotiabank for iOS Updated with Mobile Cheque Deposits


Scotiabank for iOS has been updated to finally add the ability to deposit cheques, a feature many customers have been waiting for.

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The financial institution says users can deposit USD and CAD cheques anytime, while the app also gains Interac e-Transfers to Facebook Messenger contacts.

For travellers, you can now setup reminders for your credit cards, to add a note before you head abroad.

What’s New in Version 16.2.0
Deposit CAD and USD cheques anytime, anywhere using Mobile Deposit. Send Interac e-Transfers to your Facebook Messenger contacts. Set up Travel Reminders, and we’ll automatically advise you to create a travel notification for your credit cards when you go abroad.

Scotiabank for iOS added Touch ID support back in October, while last November it started informing customers on social media mobile cheque deposit was slated to arrive by year-end. Looks like they missed that timeline, but nevertheless, the feature is here.

Click here to download Scotiabank for iOS in the App Store. Let us know how you’re liking the mobile deposit feature.

Thanks everyone!


  • MGSayah

    Improvement after improvement. All Scotiabank is missing is Apple Pay and I’m switching banks to go with them.

  • Henry Gan


  • Mrleblanc

    I bet for an Apple Pay expansion during Apple quarterly earning call on January 26th. That’s when they announced AMEX support for Canada and Australia last quarter!

    I don’t know if any Canadian bank will get support but that’s probably when they will announce UnionPay support for China since they announced an “Early 2016” launch and we keep seeing leak about people using it…

    At the latest, those announcement could happen during the March keynote where they will announce the iPhone 5SE (“second edition”) and the new MacBook line if they don’t happen during the Quarterly earning call

  • sully54

    I really wouldn’t hold my breath…

  • Z S

    I suspect it’s in the works. There’s a LOT of regulation and red tape that goes on with the big banks and all of the major banks formed a consortium to tackle Apple Pay. All of the banks have to agree on the terms. When it finally launches for one bank, it’ll likely happen for them all at the same time.

    My prediction is that we’ll see the big banks launching both Apple and Android Pay support within the next few months.

  • Ashley Mann

    I opened my Scotia bank app and hit Deposit. Seems easy enough, looks great, nice uodate. If your imto using cheques, its going to be super awesome and super convienent. I think i spelled the word convienent wrong and i dont care.

  • sarge

    My only complaint is that it’s 1 cheque per deposit, which isn’t great for the business account bank fees

  • Alex

    Canadian banks will never support Apple pay as the fees are too much for them. This is coming directly from an employee I know. Also, now with the dollar as low as it is, they simply won’t be negotiating. Apple will just up the fee to make up for Canada’s weak dollar (like their products and apps). So don’t hold your breath, either get AMEX or deal with tapping plastic

  • Dany Quirion

    I know its not much but why is the Scotiabank icon Flat in the app store and still the old 3d icon on the mainscreen :O its bothering me alot..

  • Mr Dog

    The dollar has nothing to do with the fee, it is based on per $.

    It doesn’t help that Interac is pretty much run by the Big Banks, so it all comes down to them.