SendHub: Turns iPhone Into Business Phone System with Free Phone Line


SendHub for iOS is an app that allows users to receive a free phone line which can be helpful for entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses that want to be able to have a separate phone line, but right on their iPhone.

Based on a freemium model, SendHub can be described as a blend of “Google Voice + WhatsApp + business features” according to Zach Segal, Mobile Product Lead at the company.

I downloaded SendHub to my iPhone and was able to generate a free phone number (you can pick your area code for Canada/USA) easily and quickly. The app’s recent iOS 7 redesign makes it very easy and simple to use.

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Armed with my free number, I can now use it to send and receive text messages and calls. You can even have SendHub text messages forward to your phone number. What’s cool about SendHub is there’s a web interface so you can do everything right in your browser as well, which also includes some advanced features such as scheduling your texts and more.

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Segal tells us their largest customers (which have up to 300 lines) can assign 1-800 numbers, down to entrepreneurs that just need 1-5 lines with regular numbers. SendHub to SendHub communication via phone or text is always free. SendHub also works with an iPod touch and iPad as well.

The ‘Free’ plan gives you 100 text messages, 30 voice minutes, and 3 groups per month (max group size 50) per month, which is decent compared to other services that provide you free numbers. The most popular plan we’re told is the $25/month plan which offers 2,000 texts per month, unlimited voice minutes and larger group sizes and recipient maximums.

Other higher end plans include the $49.99 Pro plan and $149.99 Premium plan with more texts and more group size options.

Since 2012, SendHub has accumulated 175,000 downloads in the USA and Canada (with plans to expand internationally later in 2014), with just over 10% of their user base in Canada.

I can see the app begin useful for those who deal with Craigslist or Kijiji or some other used classifieds where you don’t want to give out your real number, but respond to messages right on your iPhone. But SendHub’s target market looks to be entrepreneurs and small businesses that want enterprise phone systems but without setup costs and the ability to be mobile.

Click here to download SendHub for iOS—it’s free. Let us know what you think of it.


  • Anon

    Fongo is still cheaper, with free Canada-wide unlimited voice, and only $1.99 (per month) for unlimited texts.

  • Tired8281

    Confused…how is this better than Line2, at $99/y for unlimited everything?

  • SendHub markets themselves as an alternative/competitor.

  • That is true, but for people wanting the free account, Fongo doesn’t let you send texts without paying.

  • Tired8281

    Well, at two and a half times the price, they’ll have to compete a lot harder (and it doesn’t look like they do).

  • x

    better alternatives are

  • Those are certainly free alternatives – but they don’t give you enterprise level features like call transfer and auto attendant, nor can you manage all your team members, like you can on SendHub.

  • SendHub offers many more enterprise features than Line2. For example, we provide realtime analytics on every action taken on your phone system and offer 24/7 support. Plus all phone lines on SendHub are free, so you only pay for the lines that communicate outside of the phone system – like your customer service line.

  • There are certainly many cheaper, and free, services in this space. We’re focused on businesses that want the best possible experience via call quality, enterprise features (like analytics and CRM integration) and 24/7 support.

  • Tired8281

    What does ‘realtime analytics’ even mean in this context? Pretty sure I have ‘realtime analytics’ in my regular call log…it shows who called, whether I called them or they called me, and for how long. Unless you’re recording calls and analysing who spoke and for how long (and if you do that, I am staying VERY far away!), I don’t get what that would provide beyond a nice-sounding marketing buzzword. Oh, and Line2-to-Line2 calls are also free, so that’s not an exclusive feature either.

  • Your call log is great for *your* phone but what if you have a sales team of 5 people – how do you find out how many calls they made today? How about if they’re on track to hit their goal of 1,000 calls this month as a team?

    We provide administrators with full transparency on what is going on, within their phone system – just in the same way as your IT admin has full access to your work email. We’ve found employers and team leads love this, as they don’t need to ask for status of their team members, the numbers are right there – and when/if someone leaves, that number can be given to their replacement.

  • Tired8281

    Ok, I see it now. It’s not really a competitor to Line2, it’s for spam call businesses, not regular people. I may not like it, but I guess it’s a legitimate market.

  • We don’t target individuals but we also don’t tolerate spam on our network.

  • Nelson

    How is it the send hub guy just happened to show up to offer comments on this article, with the iphoneincanada guy tacitly defending his positions through the conversation

  • Hi Nelson, I’m Gary–nice to meet you.

    I relayed to SendHub about the comments here to let them stand up for their product, that is all. Is that a crime? I think SendHub is a neat because unlike Fongo you get to send texts for free (albeit a limit). So for casual users the free plan is enticing compared to what’s out there. We normally only write about apps we think are worthy. If they are not, we won’t write about them.

    If there’s sponsored content, we disclose that in our title and post. So just relax there with your conspiracy theories ok? 🙂

  • Tony

    Why do I need to provide my cell # to sign up? How do I get a free #?

  • AvidReader

    I like the idea of having the authors/owners join in the convo when you guys report on products. Rather than reading only negative and “but it doesn’t do what product x does” comments, it’s nice to hear from the source. You regularly report on new and startup companies and products and I commend you on opening up responses from those responsible.

  • Really?

    Yeah, companies are just going to record calls without letting you know. As Gary said above, just stop with conspiracy theories already.

  • Appreciate your support and thanks for reading! We enjoy interacting with our readers on top of reporting on what’s worthy.

  • Anon

    It’s free to a certain extent, mainly for personal usage. But for business, that free 30 mins is really nothing, and can be easily eaten up within a day. You will be paying at least $25/month. For a one man type business operation, I’d rather pay $2 a month (Fongo) for unlimited everything, than $25. I understand this app is more geared towards enterprise, and multiple users. Just with they had cheaper options for the lonely one man operation.

  • That’s a good point, a lower tier price point would make sense versus the immediate jump to $25/mo.

  • Yeung

    Can you make calls from Canada to US and from US to Canada for free?
    I am not talking about SendHub to SendHub.

  • yes

  • What would be your price point for a 1 line system?

  • Anon

    Possibly matching Fongo’s price point with basic voicemail. Without any of the enterprise features (I assume that’s what’s driving the costs up).

  • My 1/2 cents

    Gary is correct. While you can receive SMS for free with Fongo, outgoing texts are charged. The other option for free text is using Google Hangouts.

    Perhaps one day, Google Hangouts/Google Voice will allow you to pick a Canadian telephone number.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Sorry to say,30 minutes free calling is nothing. That’s a one minute call a day.

  • Joel

    I have a small architectural firm, we use Sendhub with 4 lines for $100/month, which includes separate direct phone numbers per line. The GUI is very intuitive, with auto attendant phone tree, voice to text email forwarding options, and simple usage tracking for the administrator. Everything is in the cloud, so I can swap out extensions and call forwarding on the fly. I bought used android phones for $50 a piece to use as office handsets – they connect to the company router by wifi; the staff loves them. We also have the AP on our cell phones, so if someone is working off site but connected to wifi, they can make calls without cost to their cellphone carriers. Sendhub support is great, we were assigned Desmond, who is great. The voice quality improved significantly with the spring software upgrade. We have not tried the conference feature yet, and we don’t use Sendhub for texting. I don’t know why any small or medium size business would buy complex PBX hardware and phones when they can use Sendhub.

  • Thanks for sharing your feedback. The app definitely is powerful.