Shaw FreeRange TV App Officially Announced: Live TV on iPhone, iPad


Last month we first told you about Shaw FreeRange TV for iOS, which extended your cable TV subscription to the iPhone and iPad, plus added the ability to download kids’ shows for offline viewing.


Shaw today has officially announced the app for iOS and Android users, sharing some more details on the technology behind the app, which uses Comcast’s X1 platform, which Brad Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, Shaw Communications, called “the latest in cloud-based and mobile video technology – and represents the first step in the evolution of Shaw’s new television product roadmap.”

The app bring over 80 live TV channels, 30,000 on-demand titles, over 1,500 download-to-go kids’ titles, plus Sportsnet and TSN. Shaw FreeRange TV is available for all Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers.

We’ve tested Shaw FreeRange TV and it’s a pretty awesome app. The offline download option for kids’ shows is a gift from the heavens. The app was updated today to add search capabilities for upcoming live TV listings and sports events, plus bug fixes.

Click here to download Shaw FreeRange TV in the App Store. Let us know how you like this so far.


  • Andre

    I’m with Shaw Direct. Just downloaded it to my iPhone. Works great, watching MSNBC….

  • MleB1

    We’ll just see how free-range it goes when Shaw (and Rogers et al) are required to offer a Lite ($25/month – plus a la carte) Plan starting in March. I daresay there won’t be a Lite version of this – only those fully gouged will be able to use the app.

  • John937

    I have shaw i’ve tested this app, apparently out of the 80 channels u get the ones u’re subscribed to, but honestly? Its amazinggg. crisp, clear, very nice interface, i would say its a game changer especially for folks in the east that have to get satellite this changes everything.

  • f1ght3r

    Does it work on a jailbroken device? Can anyone confirm?

  • Geoff Larsen

    It would be a game changer if it allowed AirPlay! Shomi had this restriction before. They finally got rid of it. Get with the times. It is OK, but could be GREAT if they allowed Air Play!

  • Cary Reid

    Why would you need Airplay ? If you want to watch TV at home, then just turn on your TV… also all the on demand items are available in your cable box already, which is already attached to your TV. I do understand that you may want to use it at a friend’s or while vacationing at a hotel, however, most of my friends and hotels, already have cable which is what this device is for…

  • Tax paying citizen

    If it had airplay then I could use it at my cabin where I have wifi but do not have TV or satellite set up…or in a room where we don’t have a shaw box – you need a shaw box to watch tv