Shaw FreeRange TV for iOS Now Automatically Renews Downloads; No AirPlay Yet


Shaw’s FreeRange TV for iOS was updated yesterday to now automatically renew your Download To Go downloads, which let customers watch media offline. All you need to do is launch the iOS app while connected to the Internet for at least once a month to renew the download.

Shaw freerange Shaw freerange 2

Also new in this update are more stability and accessibility fixes. The app still lacks AirPlay support, which would allow customers to beam the app to any Apple TV.

Last month, the app gained improvements to help customers filter out specifically channels.

Click here to download Shaw FreeRange TV for iOS in the App Store.


  • Andrew Kelly

    Shaw just doesn’t get it. They’re so afraid of losing the TV market that they don’t want to give the customers what they want.

    I would gladly pay for a cable package if it was only through an app. I wouldn’t need to worry about updating my satellite dishes or the cable boxes constantly becoming out of date.

    If it weren’t for my in-laws (We all live together), I would have cancelled Shaw long ago. I actually love FreeRange and use it constantly at home (arguably more then regular TV)… I just wish I could stream it to my TV. So yeah… I’d love an Apple TV app or AirPlay support… but it’s not coming because Shaw Direct is out to lunch.

  • IBoy

    The shows/movies available for downloading is extremely limited. Automatically renewing downloads is pretty much a useless feature.

  • raslucas

    Shaw’s been positioning Free Range as a solution for on the go… so I kind of doubt they’ll let you airplay. It’s kind of just not what it’s for… unfortunately.

  • raslucas

    … it’s a shame companies aren’t allowed to zero-rate their own content for mobile in Canada… else they could REALLY provide some value if Freedom zero-rated the Free-Range app.