Shaw Media to Launch Global Go iOS App Tomorrow, Stream Live TV 24/7 [u]


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Shaw has announced they will launch their Global Go iOS app tomorrow to allow existing TV subscribers the chance to watch live TV, streamed 24/7. Existing subscribers will also have access to full in-season libraries for missed shows, which the company is calling “a first for any Canadian conventional broadcaster.” Some more details below:

With Global Go, TV subscribers will now have access to a long list of new features, including:

  • Live TV – anytime/anywhere via web, iOS or Android platforms
  • The opportunity to catch-up on entire seasons for up to 60 days after the finale versus the 2-3 episodes which are currently available for catch-up
  • Full screen, high quality video playback
  • Two week look-ahead schedule
  • A beautiful, easy-to use interface including intuitive search and social integration features for sharing via Twitter and Facebook

Global Go launches September 12th on Shaw, Shaw Direct, Cogeco, Telus and Eastlink plus subscribers on the Canadian Cable Systems Alliance. Other TV service providers are set to follow.

Customers will be able to view Global Go on the web, the iOS and Android apps, plus on their home set-top box video on demand (VOD) portals. Expect the app to hit the App Store late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Update: Global Go for iOS is now live in the App Store. Click here to download (free).

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  • Johnny k

    The app is live now. Go download it, it’s great!

  • Rik

    Can’t log in for cogeco yet

  • jeremy W

    its not live with that provider yet, only Shaw subscribers.

  • So far so good with my Shaw login. Good video and fast.

  • Sara

    But for us non-subscribers, we are now limited to a 7-day catch up service, whereas before the whole season has been available. 14-day would have been nice!

  • speedracer99

    This is limited to Gobal TV station and does not provide live TV for any channel : (
    Bell does offer an app that lets you watch any channel that you are subscribed to.

  • Dean

    Just buy a sling box used for 50 bucks and you have all the live tv you want. With Shaws up load speed your good to go.

  • Stephan

    Only for Global TV shows. Lame. What I REALLY want is an app to control my PVR from my phone, and record/manage recordings remotely. C’mon Shaw, Telus has had this for years now.

  • Yep. Shaw PVR app is needed. We were told one is in the works but that was ages ago.

  • Tanya

    This bites! I am with bell tv. I have global in my tv line up channels why can’t watch global tv online. Bell should be there as well to login in with. I love Rookie Blue and use to be able to watch it online when ever I wanted to. Now I can’t even do that. Yes I get that it needed to be locked because some people don’t have tv and would use the ite to watch what ever. But it should be for anyone that has account that has Global. I am from halifax and can not even watch a halifax channel unless I am with one of the providers listed. That’s not right. Not right at all!! I hope that bell gets added to the list and soon.

  • I work for Shaw (take this for whatever it is worth to y’all) and can tell you that a PVR app is in the works.

    While I don’t know specifics, my guess is that our hardware ecosystem is much more diverse than that of a newer entrant like telus and therefore compatibility would be an issue – imagine launching an app that only a very small number of customers could use. If I was a guessing man, I’d think we’ll see the app come out for the Gateway and/or the newer DCX models, but that is a complete guess on my part.

  • Tammy Glenn

    Does the Global Go app work in England and Spain?